You’ve probably seen the acroynm “GAMP” around the blog as well as on campus… curious what it is and how to get involved?  Well, you have come to the right blog post!
GAMP stands for the Gonzaga Alumni Mentor Program, a network of 2,500 alumni, friends and parents of Gonzaga who have volunteered to help coach and mentor current students.
To gain access to the network of mentors there are three simple steps:

  • You’ll first have to fill out a registration form.  You can swing up to the Career Center (2nd Floor of Crosby) or simply click here.
  • Then attend a simple 30 minute GAMP orientation, to explain guidelines of program as well as levels of expectations.  To the orientation, you’ll need to bring a letter of introduction as well as a resume.
  • From there, you’ll be matched with mentors in the fields/industries you have requested.

It really is that simple!

Frequently Asked Questions about GAMP:

1. Is this program just for business students?  I am a liberal arts major, how can it help me? This program is designed to help all students regardless of major or academic program! We have a wide variety of mentors in a great spectrum of fields ranging from non-profit to government, business, higher education and more!  The GAMP team is happy to work with students one on one to find the best mentor match for you!

2.  I have already been matched, is it possible to be matched again? I have changed my mind of where I want to work or my future plans.  Yes!  We welcome mentees to contact our office if your needs for mentoring change and you’d like to contiune to expand your professional network. We strongly encourage however the you are able to properly maintain relationships with mentors.

3.  I have contacted my mentors, but I haven’t heard back…what should I do? Contact them again!  Do not be a pest or a bother, but remember…these mentors are typically very busy professionals.  Keep e-mails brief but well thought-out and be considerate of their time and needs.