Hey Zags!  Are you interested in gaining mar-comm or PR experience by helping a Spokane start-up non-profit organization?

Access 4 All Spokane is seeking any students with summer classes/internships or even fall students/class projects for this marketing project, which could offer a win-win!

Access 4 All Spokane is a team of individuals and organizations representing our area’s diversity in disability, including seniors, veterans, family members, and care providers, dedicated to celebrating and encouraging accessible and “disability friendliness”. We plan to become the recognized leader in best practices for inclusion, by providing a searchable website of local places and services that are accessible and welcoming to people with disabilities of all ages; education, training, and resources for those places that wish to be more accessible; and information to seniors, veterans, and disability groups on how to positively impact accessibility.

We have had the direct involvement of more than 60 individuals, representing more than 25 local disability, senior, and veterans groups, and all four major universities in Spokane.

We have a lot of passion about this project, direct knowledge of disability issues, and great ideas. So far, all of our work has been voluntary, while we hammer out our non-profit organizational structure and subsequent funding. We have identified a number of audiences, including the business communities, building and construction trades, people that experience disabilities, care providers and families, and so forth.

What we don’t have very much of is expertise in marketing/public relations/networking. Specifically, I think, we could use some guidance on how to organize a marketing plan and strategy, including traditional and electronic social networking, etc.

Do you know of any ZAGS who would be willing to be mentors or guides for us? If so, they could contact me at the Arc of Spokane at the number or email address below.

Thank you so much.

Dave Reynolds
Client Support Services Coordinator
Arc of Spokane