• Are other schools participating? Nope! This event is exclusive to current Gonzaga students only. —
  • What does the $35 cover? Transportation to excursion sites as well as lunch and food at networking social. —
  • Do you provide transportation from Spokane to Portland/Seattle? Unfortunately, at the time we do not. Contact the GAMP office to placed on a list for ride share though.
  • —Where should I park? Portland: Park at the DoubleTree hotel at Lloyd Center.  Seattle: Park near Fx McRory’s (where social will be) then take public transportation/cab to Washington Athletic Center.
  • —What should I wear? ¡Professional attire as though you were going on an interview.  (Yes, this includes pulling out an iron.)  Wear shoes that are dressy, but comfortable to walk in. —
  • Is lodging in Portland/Seattle provided?  No, but contact GAMP office for reduced rates at partner hotels.  Also, consider staying with friends/family. —
  • I am a liberal arts major, why should I attend?  Regardless of your major, the education and networking opportunities the Trek provides ares universal.
  • —Why should a freshman attend?To get a snapshot at these companies now, rather than later, gives you a competitive edge in the future.

Space is becoming very limited for the 2010 Seattle & Portland Treks.  If you are still on the on the fence about attending this year, I’d recommend making a decision fairly quickly.

The link to register is: https://gonzaga-csm.symplicity.com/events/TREKS2010.