Next month, Career and Professional Development is hosting the Beta Alpha Psi accounting fair, open to anyone interested in Accounting or Finance. This event will occur on February 3rd from 1:30-3:30 pm. Our Fired-Up Friday this week focuses on this event, featuring an interview with Kareena Byrd, CPD’s recruitment coordinator.  

Kareena Byrd, Recruitment Coordinator at CPD

What makes this fair different from our other career fairs? 

Unlike other career fairs, like the All-Majors career fairs, which is centered around any major, and the engineering and science career fair, which targets engineering and science majors, the Accounting Fair is primarily for Accounting and Finance majors. Hosted and organized by BAP, Beta Alpha Psi, Gonzaga’s accounting, finance, and information’s systems organization, it has a focus on these fields of study. 

There will be accounting employers and general business employers looking to find students in these fields. This event is for anybody who has an interest in learning about accounting and finance related items. Firms will be hiring for various positions, and this is a fantastic opportunity to connect one on one with recruiters. 

Why is there both a Fall and a Spring Accounting fair this year? 

Typically, BAP does this fair in the fall in person, but because of COVID circumstances students now have even more opportunities to connect. There will be new employers along with ones from the earlier fair, and so students who attended the earlier fair along with those who did not will find opportunities at this event. 

What employers are attending, and what positions are they looking to fill? 

Currently, most of the signups from the employers occur closer to the event, and students can check the current attendees on the event page on Zags Ignite. There will be a wide range of employers that are looking to hire for accounting positions, not only accounting firms. Some of these institutions include public sector finance firms, government entities, and banks. At the earlier fall fairs, there were institute of management accountants, Providence Health, and even engineering firms.  

What are some things students should do to prepare? 

There are three steps students can take to ensure a successful career fair experience. 

  1. RESUME 
  1. Students should have a resume that is reviewed and then uploaded into zags ignite.   
  1. Formulate a list of a few questions to ask so you are prepared when talking to employers. 
  1. Do your research on firms that are attending which will aid in showing your interest to recruiters. When talking to them, it helps your conversation in giving you more context and background.  

What grades should attend? 

I would think any grade should attend. Especially if you are undecided on your major, this is a fantastic opportunity to attend and see if this career path would be a good for you. If you are a Freshman or Sophomore, this will give you a good idea of what companies are recruiting for and will help you prepare better in the future. When you are talking to the recruiter, let them know you are a Freshman or Sophomore and ask to stay connected and touch base. This will show your interests early, any ask about special events or mailing lists. This can help you find a firm you would like to be a part of, and you can ask them for specific steps to help stand out. This will give you tools and build awareness of what the firms are looking for.  

What are some tips for follow-up after the event? 

One of the most important things to build connections is the follow-up. Recruiters appreciate getting an email reintroducing yourself and thanking them for meeting with you. This sets up a personal connection and shows your interest. For Freshman and Sophomores, this creates that connection and reminds them that you are a candidate. The recruiter will remember you and be more likely to choose you for a position. It is especially important to follow up after. For your own information, it can be helpful to keep notes during the event. You can keep a notepad with an evaluation of the company, asking yourself, “Is this a good fit?”, “Did I connect well?”, “What do I like about the company?” This will serve well as a record in the future when applying for internships and jobs. 

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