2019-2020 ProReps

 What is a ProRep?  

The ProReps are an extension of the Career and Professional Development office and consist of a group of students who offer career advice and help other students throughout the job recruitment process. They create safe environment for students to ask questions of their peers regarding career resources, and encourage students to connect with the Career and Professional Development office to enhance their professional skills. 

What else do the Pro Reps do?  

ProReps are here to help you! Inside their office hours (Monday-Friday 1-4pm), they can help with cover letters, resumes, and general career related questions you might have! Not only that, but they oversee running our monthly Career Labs here at CPD!  

What is a Career Lab?  

Career Lab is a monthly event hosted by CPD and the Pro Reps which offers career advice surrounding certain topic or fields of interest! Sounds interesting? Don’t miss out on our next one coming Feb 3rd, at 12pm. It’s all about how you can navigate and find a career in Climate Change featuring a full panel of other professionals as well! Register online at ZagsIgnite!  

What are the benefits of being a ProRep? Does the idea of being a spark your interest?  

There are so many benefits to joining a team like the Pro Reps here at CPD. Not only do you get to see how the workings of the recurrent process happens, but also get to guide fellow students on their own personal journeys. You will learn a multitude of skills, like leadership, which will not only help you become a better person but also makes you a stronger candidate in the work force.  Stay tuned this spring for applications to join to the 2021-2022 team!

How can you get connected with the ProReps 

It’s super easy! All you have to do is hop onto ZagsIgnite, and schedule an appointment during their office hours and they will be there to help you with any questions you may have! 
Don’t forget about the Career Lab coming Feb. 3rd from 12-1pm, talking all things Careers in Climate Change, you won’t want to miss it! Click here to sign up on ZagsIgnite.