Ahh… Thanksgiving dinner.  A banquet table of food set where friends and family gear up for the feast.  Typically in preparation for the big annual event, some people will actually limit the pre-Thanksgiving meals as a way to preparing for the dinner.  Or wear their favorite (and comfy) sweatpants for extra room.  Don’t giggle, you know it’s true!

Now, this is when I am going to suggest a whole new idea in getting ready for turkey dinner with Aunt Mildred and Grandpa Fred.  When they turn to you with the probable question of, “What are you doing after graduation?” Instead of getting sheepish and asking for more mashed potatoes, what if you had a confident and smart reply?

For example, your response can be, “Well, I am planning on attending a program Gonzaga sponsors called the Trek which brings GU students and leaders in top companies in Seattle & Portland together.  I’ll get an edge on job/internship hunting, networking all while learning about corporate culture.”  (Your reply doesn’t have to be exactly like this, but it gives you the right idea…)

For talking points with family and friends, ten facts of the Treks that will impress everyone!

  1. Portland is in it’s 8th year and Seattle is in it’s 10th.
  2. Majority of the excursions are hosted by fellow ZAGS.  Who better to tell you recruiting secrets than a zag?
  3. In tough economies, networking is the key that opens the door.  Treks help you get started at top companies.
  4. Corporate excursions are exclusively for Gonzaga students only. (We get requests from Ducks, Beavers, Huskies and Cougars but the answer is always no.)
  5. Learning how to conduct research on companies is a critical job hunting skill.
  6. The Women’s Symposium in Seattle brings together top female leaders with current students to give insight towards career development.
  7. Need to polish your networking skills?  This is your chance to deliever your elevator pitch.
  8. Curious what a corporate culture is really like? Check out what it’s like to work Nordstrom, Starbucks, Nike, adidas and MORE.
  9. Keynote speakers in both cities are the best of the best.
  10. Good food and good networking with alumni and friends of Gonzaga.  What more do you need?

If you missed last week’s info session for the 2010 Portland & Seattle Treks, not to worry. There are two sessions planned for Dec. 1st, Noon (Road to Bali, Crosby) and  7pm (Jepson).

Curious what the Treks are all about? Want to know exactly what the corporate visits entail? Or how to prepare for visiting headquarters? Come join us for a Trek 4-1-1 Session allowing you to get all of your questions answered regarding the upcoming Portland & Seattle Treks.
Ready to register?  Go to:

From all the staff here at the Career Center, a very Happy & Safe Thanksgiving!!