The workplace today seems to be especially interested in millennials. Why? Because they are the emerging generation in the workforce. Millennials have grown up as digital natives and are innately technologically savvy. Our world is moving mobile and millennials are a powerful resource in discussing this transition.

While interning this summer, I was the youngest millennial in my department. In fact, I was the only college student at my location. Millennials are often associated with social media. Coworkers constantly presented me with social media questions such as “how does your generation use this platform?” “How frequently do you use it?” “Do you engage with companies and brands on social media? Or is it just for personal use.” I was excited that my opinion was valued and that I actually had insight to offer. I would explain the social side of millennials using media and my coworkers would explain the technical and commerce side. It was a win, win.

Part of my internship work was directly connected to my identity as a millennial. I selected and wrote content for Instagram and cataloged Wells Fargo specific information to be published on other platforms. I would choose content that I thought would be relevant to Wells customers and make a positive and measurable impact to their online presence. In addition, I was able to select images that would best portray and reinforce the brand of Wells Fargo while communicating a story. I had a great time learning all about corporate media and the imperative role it plays in business. I was also able to conduct a research project and present my findings to my department. The presentation included company best practices, millennial interviews and potential use cases.

I was able to participate in meetings with leading social media companies such as Facebook and Pinterest. I was even able to attend a meeting held at Pinterest’s headquarters, it was like eating lunch in a pinboard itself. As an avid social media user it was an amazing experience working directly with the companies that I engage with every day.

It is clear that employing millennials is mutually beneficial. The companies are able to obtain first-hand insight to the generation’s lifestyle and the millennials are able to learn about corporate work culture while engaging with working professionals.