Dear Gonzaga Students,

Thinking about launching an international career when you graduate next year? Consider the benefits of doing so with the Peace Corps.

As a Peace Corps volunteer, you will live and work abroad, learn a new language, receive a living stipend with medical benefits, and possibly qualify for student loan deferment, among other advantages. For more information about Peace Corps service, visit

Get Started Now – With summer approaching, now is the perfect time to use your summer internship, job or volunteer experience to help you qualify for a Peace Corps assignment. The following are some specific examples of skills – that when combined with a bachelor’s degree – will qualify you for high-demand Peace Corps programs:

  • English Teaching – Three to six months of English or foreign language teaching or tutoring (minimum 30 hours total) in a structured program that provides training. Student(s) must be in middle school, high school or adults.
  • Health Extension – Three to six months volunteer or work experience (minimum 30 hours total) in a health-related field such as AIDS outreach, sex education, contraception or family planning counseling, or hospital/clinic/hospice work.
  • Agriculture and Forestry Extension – Three to six months of full-time experience in large-scale (quarter acre or greater) commercial or family-run business that includes farming, nursery work, tree planting, tree care, urban forestry, livestock care, or fish cultivation.
  • Spanish and French – One year of college-level Spanish or French will open the door to additional assignments.

Connect With Us – Attend an online Information Session Webinar.   Or feel free to contact me at 206-239-6624 (Toll-free: 1-800-424-8580, press 1) or to discuss the opportunities available with the Peace Corps.

When to Apply – The Peace Corps application process takes approximately 9-12 months, so be sure to plan ahead, and apply approximately one year from when you want to depart overseas! Start your application now, by visiting:!


Erin Erickson

Regional Representative

Returned Volunteer, Moldova’07-’10

Master’s Internationalist (PCMI)- M.A. in Intercultural Service, Leadership & Management

Peace Corps Northwest Regional Office

1601 Fifth Avenue, Suite 605 • Seattle, WA 98101

Direct 206.239.6624 • Office 206.553.5490 • Toll-free 1.800.424.8580, option 1

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