Yes, I am still in the rainy (but beautiful) Emerald City of Seattle working with employers in finalizing the details of the 2010 Treks. 

Before I announce the newest participant, I have to share a little “fun” fact about myself: I love Michael Jackson music.  I do.   His music is always fun to dance to and no matter what “mood” I am in, I always get cheered up.  That is why I was left speechless when I actually got to see his glove in person.  Where, you might be wondering did I spot this piece of Pop Culture history?  At our newest excursion host: The Experience Music Project.

This excursion will include a tour of the museum along with Q&A from panelists answering what it really looks like to work for a non-profit.  All majors are encouraged, especially HR, Public Relations, Marketing, Education as the EMP has internships within those fields.  Not in those fields of study?  That’s okay, EMP would also be happy to meet with an interest in non-profit, event planning or development.

Registartion begins this Friday!  Stay tuned for more details.

Note: Corporate excursions are  made available exclusively for Gonzaga students (both undergraduate and graduate levels).  Alumni and friends of the university are encouraged to attend the networking social as well as the Career Fair.  More information to come.