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Attn GU Seniors: VERY Important Campus Event to Attend Tuesday 2/7!!

“My Future Career: What should I be doing between now and graduation?”

Connect Event Date & Time:

Tuesday, Feb 7th 5:30 to 7 p.m.


Spend an informative evening with a panel of GU alumni as they share insights and career strategies that have worked for them–or wished they would have used during their student days. The panel presentation will be followed by a question and answer session, as well as an opportunity to informally socialize and share a bite to eat with our alumni guests. Bring your business cards! (see Career Center/GAMP to order yours).


Washington/California Room (COG)

RSVP: (Events Tab)

Stuck at what to do post graduation? Needing to figure out an internship for the summer?

Consider joining us on the Portland (Jan. 4th) or Seattle (Jan.6-7th) Treks!

All majors and years are welcomed and encouraged to participate.

To Register for either Portland or Seattle, simply go to:

The treks are a unique opportunity to experience corporate culture first hand through corporate excursions.  In addition to the corporate visits, the plan on attending Career Fairs and networking socials.  (Great way to meet other Zags!)

Portland, January 4th

Excursion #1: Nike/Columbia  (Space is LIMITED)

Excursion #2: Regence/adidas (Deadline to Register is Tuesday Dec. 21st)

Excursion #3: Trailblazers/Widmer Brothers

Excursion #4: HP/Kraft Foods  (Deadline to Register is Tuesday Dec. 21st)

Seattle, January 6-7th

Excursion #1: Boeing

Excursion #2: Microsoft (Deadline to Register is Tuesday Dec. 21st)

Excursion #3: Nordstrom

Excursion #4: Experience Music Project with Non-Profit Panel

Excursion #5: PACCAR/Turner Construction

Excursion #6: Mercer/Accenture  (Deadline to Register is Tuesday Dec. 21st)

Excursion #7: F5 Networks/

Excursion #8: Redhook/Wizards of the Coast

Excursion #9: University of Washington Medical Center (Deadline to Register is Tuesday Dec. 21st)

What is a corporate excursion? A corporate excursion typically includes a tour, Q&A with recruiters and alumni while learning about hiring processes. An excursion is first hand approach to gaining insight to corporate culture, products, mission and career paths of current employees.  This event is exclusive to Gonzaga students only.

What is a deep dive excursion? We have been fortunate to have excursion hosts which request more time with our students.  When this occurs, we structure our excursion to give more flexibility and time with hosts to richer experiences for participants.  The deep dive excursions are intense and are recommended for students.

If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact the Career Center at

Get Ready to Rock… the Fair

As “Career Week” and the “Business & Liberal Arts Career Fair” rapidly approach, we would like to make you aware of the ways that the Career Center & GAMP is here to support and

Here is a schedule of the upcoming Career Week Events for:

(Monday, November 8th –  Friday, November 12th)

Monday, Nov. 8:

Speed Mock Interviews 6:30-8:30pm                 Herak Room

Tuesday, Nov. 9:

Career Fair 12:00-4:00pm                 Cataldo

To view a list of the employers attending the fair visit:

Wednesday, Nov. 10:

Corporate Excursions 1:30-3:30pm                   Downtown Spokane

Inland Northwest Health Services, 1:30-3:30

Visit St. Luke’s Rehabilitation Institute to learn about INHS’ various cutting edge technologies, patient care and more.  Meet staff members from various sectors of the INHS business to learn more about  career opportunities in fields in health care.

Focus on Academic Majors: Nursing, Biology, Biochemistry, Chemistry, Human Physiology, Computer Science. ***MBA, Health Care Administration***

(Note: Students interested in the general field of health care are highly encouraged to attend this Trek track.)

For more information, go to:

Desautel Hege Communications, 1:30-3:30

Learn about the brand of Desautel Hege Communications in a presentation aimed at highlighting the communication agency function as well as pro/cons of different professional avenues within the field.

Focus on Academic Majors: Public Relations, Applied Communications, Advertising, Marketing, Liberal Arts

(Note: On this excursion, space is extremely limited.  Per request of host, students who have not been exposed to the brand of Desautel Hege are encouraged to participate.)

For more information, go to:

Next IT, 1:30-3:30

Have you asked Spike a question on Gonzaga’s website?  Or asked Jenn a question on Alaska Airlines site?  If so, you have been a customer of Next IT’s innovative real-time customer service interface using their Human Emulation Software.  On this track learn how Next IT recruits all majors from business to psychology to form a cutting edge service.

Focus on Academic Majors:  Computer Science, Communications, Business, Marketing, Computer Engineering or any liberal arts degree.

For more information, go to:

Thursday, Nov. 11:

Résumé & Cover Letter Workshop                             12-1 pm                                                Road to Bali

Friday, Nov. 12:

How to Work a Room Workshop 12:00-1:00pm    Road to Bali

Spokane Trek Networking Social 5:30-8:00pm     Barrister Winery

To register and learn more about Career Week Events please visit:

We look forward to working with you!

Liberty Mutual Information Session!

Your first job out of college should put your knowledge to the test. It should also be full of opportunity, and it should let you take what you’ve learned to the next level. Apply the knowledge you’ve learned through your education at Gonzaga to a rewarding career in Insurance.  College Hires are essential to Liberty Mutual’s fundamental business. Open positions are located in a variety of key business functions including: Claims, Underwriting, Product, and Business Systems. Positions will be located in: Seattle, WA, Liberty Lake, WA, and Portland, OR.

Our training programs offer you the chance to build on your academic success and develop  decision making skills that can advance your career.

Join us November 4th at 6:00 p.m. for PIZZA and a chance to learn more about our great opportunities, benefits and training programs. Event to be held in the Crosby Student Center, Road to Bali Room. We look forward to seeing you there!

Join us for an Evening of Elegance…

Enjoy a 4 course meal, learn important etiquette, and have the chance to network all in the same night! Oct. 27th, 5:30pm in the Herak Rm.

Tickets are on sale in the Career Center for only $10!

If a club would like to attend please contact the Career Center to reserve a table.

For any questions/concerns contact the Career Center, 313-4234, or stop by Crosby 211.

Hey Liberal Arts Majors, What are Going to Do Post-GU?

What are you doing with your liberal arts major? Transform your liberal arts degree into a desired career. Here is YOUR chance to hear how these GU alums and friends of GU have translated their liberal arts degree into a career.

What: Liberal Arts Seminar

When: Wednesday, October 20, 2010 from 7:30 to 8:30pm

Where: Crosby Student Center, Road to Bali

The GU Career Center is hosting this seminar as an evening intended to be a casual opportunity for conversation between you and alums.

Cookies and Fruit will be provided!

Career Center Coffee Chat: Washington D.C.

Interested in learning about how to navigate the professional waters in Washington D.C.? Join us for coffee chat as we welcome Tom Lopach, Chief of Staff for Senator Jon Tester (D-MT).

Tom will discuss career advice and transition for political science, international relations, communications, history and more in relation to Washington D.C.

Tom Lopach is currently serving as Senator Jon Tester’s (D-MT) Chief of Staff.  In that role he leads the Washington, DC and Montana Senate staff in work on behalf of Senator Tester and Montanans.  Prior to this assignment Lopach served as an appointee of the Obama-Biden Administration at the Export-Import Bank of the United States where he served as Senior Vice President of Congressional Affairs.  In the 2007-2008 election cycle Tom was the National Finance Director for the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee where he led a staff that raised over $137 million for Democratic Senate campaigns – a record amount of money raised for the DSCC.  Lopach was also part of a team that helped to bring the Democratic Caucus in the US Senate to 59.  Before serving at the DSCC Lopach spent eight years working for the late Senator Edward M. Kennedy (D-MA).  At the end of his time with Senator Kennedy Lopach was Finance Director for Kennedy’s 2006 re-election campaign and Executive Director of Kennedy’s political action committee, the Committee for a Democratic Majority.  Lopach is a native of Helena, MT and a 1996 graduate of Gonzaga University with a bachelor of arts in political science and additional concentrations in international studies and women’s studies.

If you are interested in government, politics or learning more about how to navigate the system invite them to this informal coffee chat!

Save the Date!
Date: Friday, October 22nd
Time: 9-10 am
Where: Road to Bali

Coffee and pastries to be provided!

Please RSVP to by Wednesday October 20th in order to have an accurate count.

Not Job Hunting? Six Reasons to Still Attend a Career Fair…

Dr. Joseph Barber

If you are a Freshman or Sophomore, sometimes it’s confusing of why to attend a Career Fair.  (Especially that our Engineering & Computer Science Fair is right around the corner on Oct. 4th) Well, courtesy of UPenn’s Career Center, check out these six things you can do at career fairs even if you aren’t actively looking for a job.

1) Hand people your well-formatted, mistake-free, Career Services’ critiqued resume. OK, if you are not looking for a job, this is one that you might be able to skip. But…, what happens if you are chatting with employers (see below), and someone asks about your experience, and then says, “do you have a resume I can take away with me?”. As you don’t want to miss this opportunity to network, which is the better answer:

  • “Errr…., no, but I can write my name and email on this napkin”
  • “Yes, this reflects my experience to date, and obviously I am going to be gaining more experience over the next few months/years. If I were interested in this type of opportunity, can you see any areas where additional experience might help me in this career field?”
  • “What’s a resume?”

2) Network. People with effective networks build them continuously over time, and may not seek anything from their contacts for many months or years. They spend their time developing and maintaining their network so that when they do need help, the network is already there for them, and the people within the network know and trust them. The best time to network from a career perspective is when you are not actively looking for a job. You have more time, and you come across as less desperate. If you work hard to help people remember you by staying in contact, then you increase the likelihood that they’ll be thinking of you when future job opportunities arise. So, take time at career fairs to share your information with people in different career fields, think of creative ways to maintain contact with them over time to establish an effective relationship, and ask the most important question of all to gain access to their network: “Do you anyone you think I should talk with to find out more information?

3) Think about Plan B. You may have your heart set on one type of job, or working at one specific organization, and it is important that you work hard to achieve what you want. However, it never hurts to have a back-up plan, your career Plan B. If you are a graduate student, then you may be planning on following the tenure track, and seeking only academic teaching or research positions. The academic job market is hard to predict, and will always be changeable, but it will always be highly competitive, and there will always be someone who does not get the job they interviewed for. We hope that person is not you, and we’ll work hard with you to help you be the successful one, but it never hurts to be thinking about Plan B. If you need to switch tracks at a future date, will you have enough transferable skills and experiences to make you a competitive candidate in a completely different career field? At the career fair you can ask recruiters what they are looking for in resumes for the types of jobs they have available now. They might be able to help identify the kind of experiences you can gain in the present, and over the next few months/years, that might make you competitive for other types of jobs in the future.

4) Tell people about yourself. The question “tell me about yourself” will come up whenever you meet new people (whether spoken or inferred), but can also be asked during phone and in-person interviews. You need to have an interesting, succinct, and confident answer. You are the expert in the subject of you, and so it is the one topic that you should have no hesitation talking about. Career fairs are a great place to practice talking about yourself, as you need to summarize who you are, what skills you have, where you want to be going in the future, and how the person you are talking with might be able to help, all within about 30-60 seconds. When you are networking, people need to know what your network goals are so that they know how they can help you. For example, are you looking for information, opportunities, or future contacts?

5) Talk about your research. Graduate students have two types of tricky questions to answer in terms of what they have been doing with themselves. When telling people about yourself, you will of course mention the research you do, but research is not the only topic you should talk about. The “tell me about yourself” answer needs to be slightly broader (e.g., what brought you to Penn, what are some of the key skills you have, how have your experiences changed the way you think about aspects of the world, and how do you see yourself using your knowledge and skills in the future). When talking more specifically about your research, you will need to summarize what you do in a way that makes your subject understandable to a range of different people with differing degrees of expertise in your specific area. Can you tailor a summary about your research on ancient Aramaic texts or Tribble genes to experts in the field and to HR representatives? Can you make your research interesting and relevant to them? Again, career fairs are a great way to practice talking about your research, and it does take practice.

6) See how it is done. You don’t want your first career fair to be the one where you need to find a job. You want to work out all of your career fair nerves beforehand. Even if you don’t talk to any employers (and you really should – they won’t bite), you can still watch how your peers handle themselves at career fairs? You can see how they are dressed, and whether they are keeping their right hand free to shake hands with people they meet, without having to juggle paperwork and drinks (and that means thinking about which shoulder to hang your bag on, so it doesn’t slip off when extending your hand). Small things can sometimes count when you are trying to make a good first impression. You can listen to the types of questions they ask, and you can learn to emulate or avoid the good or bad approaches they use.

Be sure to join us for our Career Fair season!

  • Engineering & Computer Science Fair, October 4th
  • Business & Liberal Arts Fair, Nov. 9th
  • Portland Trek Career Fair, Jan. 4th
  • Seattle Trek Career Fair, Jan. 7th
  • 17th Annual Partnership in Employment Fair, Feb. 24

From the University of Pennsylvania’s Blog “Penn & Beyond”

ZagTrax Postings Set to Close Soon…

If you are still job hunting (or even internship hunting for that matter) keep in mind ZagTrax! The positions listed below are about to close on our internal job board… does one spark your interest?  Consider applying!  Go to ZagTrax, under Job Postings search with the listed ID # in the Keyword Search function.  Make sure to note the various deadlines!

Is your resume not quite perfect yet? That’s okay, we can help with that too! Drop us an e-mail at

Direct Support Professional, ID# 5094 (9/8)

Server System Administration / Systems Engineer / Unix / Dababas, ID# 5079 (9/10)

Hardware & Software Sales Consultant, ID# 4899 (9/11)

Music Magazine Seeks Fall Intern, ID# 4931 (9/11)


Staff Auditor, ID# 4907 (9/14)

Business Loan Processor, ID# 5161 (9/15)

Marketing Communications Specialist, ID# 4963 (9/15)

Senior Logistics Analyst-Import Export, ID# 4996 (9/15)

Soldering Production Employees, ID# 4999 (9/15)

Radio Sales Account Executive, ID# 4926 (9/17)

Commercial Producer, ID# 5099 (9/18)

Entry Level Mortgage Professional, ID# 4924 (9/18)

Insurance Sales Representatives, ID# 5132 (9/18)

Clinical Informatics Analyst, ID# 5108 (9/19)

RN – Home Care, ID# 5106 (9/19)

Field Organizing Intern, ID#4921 (9/20)

Electrical Engineer, ID# 4965 (9/21)

Executive Assistant to the President, ID# 5087 (9/21)

Import/Export Manager, ID# 5086 (9/21)

Marketing Web Specialist, ID# 4964 (9/21)

OEM Sales, ID# 4966 (9/21)

PT TV Production Tech/C.G. Operator, ID# 724 (9/21)

Soldering Production Employees, ID# 4967 (9/21)

Jr. Software Engineer – Infrastructure & Workflow, ID #5123(9/22)

Field Sales Representative, ID# 5124 (9/23)

IT Services Specialist, ID# 5129 (9/23)

Executive Director – New Instructional Initiatives, ID# 5073  (9/24)

Accounting Trainee, ID# 5141 (9/25)

Information Systems Trainee, ID# 5143 (9/25)

Production Trainee, ID# 5146 (9/25)

Looking for an Internship? Start Here!

Hey Zags!  Check out these internship annoucements that have made their way to the Career Center!  For more information on how to get started, give us a call at 509-313-4234 or e-mail at

International Relations / Political Science / Social Science / all majors

(WII) Washington Internship Institute – three programs available:

• Capital Experience – for all majors; interested in careers in WDC

• The Embassy and Diplomatic Scholars Program – int. rel.; languages; business

• Go Green! – environmental action and policy majors

Congressional Intern Candidates for 8th federal congr. district located on Mercer Island

• Constituent focused office –good job description available,

application both online and in the career center

White House Internship

• Application deadline for spring 2011: October 3

App. needs resume, 2 essays, 3 letters of recommendation

also a special interest to economics / business/ math/ computer science / as well as above:

Dept. of Commerce – postsecondary students – for enrolled undergrads and grads

Fall internships are full, but spring and summer are still possible

Oakridge Institute for Science and Education (ORISE)

Social Science / Psychology / Sociology / Education / Community Relations / service learning majors:

Salvation Army – 6 separate internships posted

• Transport and monitor assistant

• Sally’s House Intern

• Receptionist / Foodbank

• Stepping Stones – Transitional Housing Operations Specialist

• Family Emergency Shelter

• After School Program Assistant

Contacts and phone numbers available, contact Career Center ( for information.

Theatre / Performing Arts / Public Relations / Communications / all majors

• Disney College Program Walt Disney World

• Spring (mid / late Jan – mid May)

Spring Advantage (approx late Jan mid Aug)

Culinary (ongoing)

Must be enrolled as full or part-time student; online applications and interviews

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