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What Can We Help You With?

Here in the Career Center, we’re all about helping Zags. If you need help with professional development, networking, finding opportunities or even the little housekeeping things, we’ve got you covered. Check out our below Menu of Career Center Offerings to know what resources are available to you as students. And, remember, all of our services are available to both current and former Zags.

  • Appointments – make an appointment to get your resume or cover letter edited, help with internships and job searches or just chat with an expert in our office about your major, how to get the job you want or anything else. Please come to us with any of your questions – even if we can’t help you, we will lead you in the right direction.
  • Scheduled a Mock Interview. Sit down with an employee in our office for a real interview for a job you’re interested in. Interviews can either be held in person (with full business professional attire), on the phone or through Skype. In-person interviews can either be one-on-one or a panel, depending on which style you need practice in. We’re also able to record interviews so that you can go back and view how you look during an interview.
  • Attend our events. Throughout the school year, we put on many different events – everything from speed mock interviews (get practice answering interview questions quickly and precisely!) to Career Fairs to find Internships or Jobs to our Treks (more information on those below).
  • Use ZagTrax. is a great place to find available internships or jobs and to register for events and treks. Make yourself familiar with this service so that you can get the most out of it, and please drop by our office with any questions or concerns you may have.

Please contact us at (509)313-4234 or if you have any questions. You can also stop by Crosby 211!

Weebly, Part 2

After we posted last week about Greg Talbott’s Weebly page, one of our very own, GU senior Emily Piskulick decided to make the plunge into setting up her own Weebly page to provide all of you with a step-by-step process of just how easy it is! We also want to demonstrate to all of you students just how versatile of a service Weebly is. While Greg chose a darker, manlier theme, Emily chose a light and somewhat feminine theme, proving that you can truly make your site your own. All in all, it took Emily about 1 hour to set up her Weebly page, including picking the theme, creating different pages and transferring her resume and writing samples to the page. Learn more about Emily’s experience below!

“Hey GU Career Center followers! Last week for fun I decided to go ahead and create a Weebly page just to show you how easy and versatile of a service Weebly really is. I started by choosing one of the varied and diverse Weebly themes, which make your site look however you would like. For each theme, you can customize just about anything – fonts, colors, sizes… really anything you can think of! Then, Weebly makes it extremely easy to create different pages, add text and images, and even add videos, slideshows, documents or anything else you’d like to showcase your work. If you’d like to get really fancy, you can even buy your own domain (such as and get access to more complex analytics and features.”

“I would highly recommend every student takes the hour or so out of your day and set up a Weebly page – it makes it so easy to send over to possible employers with all of your information, resume and writing samples in one place!”

Be sure to check out Weebly and set up your own site – it’s a great resource, especially for students trying to score internships or jobs!

Moments of Surprise While Trekking

The GAMP/Career Center staff spend months planning and preparing for the Portland and Seattle Treks.  The logistics of transporting 130 students in Portland and 220 in Seattle with consideration for weather, meals and traffic can be a logistical nightmare. We make itineraries with emergency contact numbers, and on the day of the event we are prepared to handle anything that may come our way.   Sometimes however, the best elements of the Trek are the moments that actually are not planned for.  Instead these are “Ah-a!” moments, where we staff members see students appreciating magnitude and caliber of these events.

We wanted to share a handful of these stories here in our blog, to highlight the amazing moments the students experienced this year.  Thank you for your continued support of these programs.  If you would like to contact us to be involved in the 2011 Treks please contact the GAMP office at or 509.313.4048.

A Moment with One Tough Mother

25 students were greeted at Columbia Sportswear by recruiters to be lead through a tour of a facility then to do Q&A discussion about applying for internships and full-time jobs.  When the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Columbia, Gert Boyle, found out that Gonzaga students were touring the facilities, she immediately invited them directly into her office.  The students had 15 minutes with a well respected international leader. Students walked away slightly star struck, but inspired by her powerful message.

A Change of Direction

“Mark”, a senior majoring in Business with a concentration in Marketing, attended the Nike and Regence excursion on the Portland Trek on January 5th.  At both excursions panelists urged students to consider life passion when planning their future careers.  Through exploring passions, students (and job hunters alike) will know what their passions are and in turn know who they truly are.  The messages in fact were so powerful that this “Mark” decided that attending graduate school next fall wasn’t the best plan for him.  He canceled his GMAT test scheduled for the next day to instead participate in the Seattle Trek where he attended the Nordstrom and Redhook excursion.  Through both events, “Mark” honed the ability to network face-to-face, a powerful and important skill in the day in age of social media.

A Panel of Leaders

In Seattle, the Women in Leadership Symposium is a special event organized for our female Trek participants .  This event brings together Gonzaga alumnae from various fields and industries to share advice.   The panelist are quite honest with the students answering to work-life balance, the glass ceiling as well as developing an overall career plan.  This unique event gives students the chance to meet and network with alumna from influential companies in a personal manner.

Did you attend the Trek and have a moment of surprise or “Ah-a” while Trekking?  We’d love to hear from you.  Swing by our office 2nd Floor of Crosby or e-mail us at

Trek Workshops & Seminars

Join us for one of the following Trek Information Sessions and Workshops this Week

Trek participants are required to attend one session, but encouraged to attend as many as apply

December Grads Job Search Workshop  Tues. 8th, Noon                   Road to Bali, Crosby

Networking at the Trek Workshop              Wed. 9th, 4pm                      Road to Bali, Crosby

Trek Resumania                                           Thurs. 10th, Noon                 Road to Bali, Crosby

Resume/Cover Letter Workshop        Thurs. 10th,  4:30pm            Road to Bali, Crosby  *Free Pizza*

Last Chance for Trek Prep!                     Monday, 14th Noon             Road to Bali, Crosby

Last Chance for Trek Prep!                    Tuesday, 15th 1pm                 Road to Bali, Crosby

RSVP or call 509.313.4234

Get Ready to ROCK Campus Career Week: Nov. 5 to Nov. 12


Next week employers will be flooding our campus! This is your chance to get a jumpstart! Look forward to the Speed Mock Interviews and the Business & Liberal Arts Career Fair! Never been to a Career Fair? Check out How to Rock a Career Fair!

Thursday, November 5

Interview prep workshop: 4pm in the Road to Bali

Monday, November 9

Resume/ Cover Letter Workshop &How to Rock a Career Fair: 7pm in the Road to Bali

Tuesday, November 10

Drop-In Tuesday: Noon in the Career Center

Networking Workshop: 4pm in the Road to Bali

Wednesday, November 11

Resume/ Cover Letter Workshop & How to Rock a Career Fair: Noon in the Road to Bali

Speed Mock Interviews:7pm Lower Crosby

Limited opportunities sign up now! RSVP

Thursday, November 12

Business & Liberal Arts Career Fair:  1 to 5pm Jepson Center

Let the Career Center & Employers know you are coming! RSVP at

Fall is Here.


I love fall.   It is by far my favorite season of all four.  The is something magical about way the world seems to transform  almost overnight.  I cannot think of better things in the world than awakening on a chilly October morning, before the light fog has risen.   With coffee in hand, the world seems to be full of sheer opportunity and possibilities.  The vivid colors of the changing leaves with crispness in the air is a pairing that cannot be matched any other time of the year.   Campus truly seems to come alive as the trees are reminiscent of a 3-year old’s coloring experiment.

Each tree seems to have a different story to tell or a different point of view towards this magical transformation.

Just like how each tree expresses fall differently, so should your approach be in regards to writing your resume. Throw out the idea of using a template and create a document that is a reflection of your personal story and point of view.

Answer the questions: Who are you?  How do you stand out from the crowd?  What is your point of view?

Although daunting, the process of self-discovery will allow for you to gain advantage in both the job and internship hunt on your horizon.

If your resume isn’t reflecting the story you’d like to tell as vividly as possible, come see us here in the Career Center.  Our staff can coach you to develop your resume to perfection.  No resume started?  No problem, we can coach you from start to finish.
To make an appointment, e-mail us at  or swing by the 2nd Floor of Crosby.   Also, feel free to join us for drop in hours…every Tuesday from 12-1 pm where we have staff on hand to answer any and all career development questions!


Let the Workshops Begin!

resume-writingAre you struggling with polishing your resume after your summer internship? Are you at a loss for how to even begin drafting a cover letter?  Well, you’re in luck!

The Career Center is having our first of the year Resume & Cover Letter Workshop on Tuesday, September 22nd at 3pm. Come to second floor Crosby, Road to Utopia to learn more about how to make your resume and cover letter stand out from the pack.

For the best workshop experience, we ask you bring your current resume and cover letter (no matter how it looks!) with you.  That way, we can assist you throughout the presentation.

If you can’t join us for this workshop consider swinging by for one of Drop-In Hours, every Tuesday from 12-1pm.

Looking for a Free Lunch?


I thought the idea of a “free” lunch would get your attention.  (Very smart and budget consciou Gonzaga students!)

Today the Career Center is hosting our first Resumania of the school year.  Hmmm, are you wondering what Resumanina is?  Simple.  Swing by our office (2nd Floor of Crosby) from 12-1 today with a resume and we will review it for you…while you snag some slices of the free pizza pie.

No need for an appointment or to RSVP, just come on by.

Q’s?  Give us a call at 313.4234 or

Tips for Recent Grads from HR Recruiters

CareerBuilder launched a study recently that caught my eye and could be consider “blog” worthy.  The idea of the study was highlight the highly competitive job market that the Class of 2009 faces.  Now you don’t need to have a Harvard Economics degree to find truth in that statement, but what is helpful are the areas of awareness for recent grads to consider when job hunting according to the survey.

1. Presenting Experience:

For recent graduates, one of the most challenging components of a job hunt is proving they have the relevant experience employers want in candidates.  Your resume should not only highlight tactical and tangible accomplishments like group projects, relevant course work or internships but also “soft” skill set.

Here are the top ten qualities and skills employers are looking for in new hires:

  • Communication Skills
  • Honesty/Integrity
  • Ability to Work in a Team
  • Strong Work Ethic
  • Flexibility
  • Adaptability
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Motivation/Initiative
  • Computer Skills
  • Detail Oriented

The majority of Gonzaga grads have a wealth of experience with many of these qualities and skills, the problem is how do you sell it.  If you have leadership experience in a club or organization that highlights one or more of these qualities, expand it on your resume.  This is not an economy to be humble about accomplishments.

2. Interview setbacks

The survey mentioned that 63%  of employers believed that the biggest interview mistake  recent graduates make is acting bored or cocky. How can you prevent that?

  • Once trick is to take notes during the interview (but no doodling!) and refer to them later when you have the chance to respond.
  • Listen for key words such as:  goals, accomplishments, objectives, visions, outline, overall, etc.  These words are indicators that the interviewer is mentioning a pivotal piece of information.  Perk up!

Other interview pitfalls included:

  • Lack of preparation.  (Yes, this keeps coming up over and over again.  Research really is that important.)
  • Professional dress and etiquette: Iron the shirt and pants, comb your hair and turn off your cell phone.   (All the way to silent please!)  Also 12% cited that forgetting to mail a thank you card can damage a successful interview.

All of this information shouldn’t be a suprise, but I guess when it comes to advice sometimes ithas more weight from a HR recruiter.  Keep it in mind job hunters!

FREE Resumes Ends on Saturday!

With times being tight, every bit helps especially for those on the hunt for the next great career.  Staples is helping out with FREE (yes, free….) resumes and business cards.

Now through  Saturday June 13, Staples stores across the country will print 20 copies of your resume and 40 business cards for free as part of the office giant’s Job Stimulus Program.  For details and store locations go to:

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