The FUSE career fair is a 25-year tradition for students from Eastern Washington University, Gonzaga University, Washington State University Spokane, and Whitworth University to connect with employers and is a great opportunity for anyone looking to network and find possible career opportunities. There are over 100 companies looking to hire for internships, jobs, and volunteer positions.  

This virtual event will require contact with many employers. To prepare you for this, Gonzaga CPD has compiled a list of tips to contact potential employers.  

  1. Research- One benefit to virtual career fairs is the advantage of knowing exactly who is going to be attending. Look at the list of employers that have registered for the event, and narrow down which ones you are interested in. Once you’ve down this, research the positions of the employees that are going to be attending and see if those align with positions you aim to fill in the future. It also is good to learn more about the company, as employers enjoy when students have done research showing interest.  
  1. Ask Questions- Employers are there to answer questions about their organization or any roles you might be interested in. By asking questions, you can show employers that you are inquisitive, and actively demonstrate a greater interest in the role.  
  1. Ask for Contact Information- After talking to employers, ask them for the best way to contact them. This will typically be through email or phone, and is essential to continuing communication after the career fair and conversation is over. The employers will also appreciate you reaching out to them for this information.  
  1. Send a Thank-You Message- Using that contact information, it is then a polite gesture to thank the employer for taking the time to talk to you and for any information they might have given you about a position or networking information. This will begin a conversation and relationship with this person. For more information on how to craft a thank you message, check out our other blog post linked below:  
  1. Connect with them! Once you’ve reached out to these employers, check out their profiles on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a great resource to build your network and create an online portfolio of your experience. You can view industries that they’ve worked in that might be of interest to you, along with any other connections they might have for you to reach out to.  
  1. Apply- Once you’ve applied to a position you learned about at the career fair, feel free to send a message to this employer you’ve connected with letting them know and about your interests in the position. This can make recruiters more aware of your application and show your interests and extra efforts.  

Using these tips, you can ensure your success at the FUSE Career Fair, which you can find out more about using the following link: