Avoiding raindrops here in Seattle, I am continuing to meet with potential excursion hosts for the 2010 Seattle Trek.  Although  the title of this blog post may lead you to believe that I am referring to the NFL team in town,  think again. We have just secured an excursion with Turner Construction, who built the beautiful athletic complex.

This tour will be paired with PACCAR, which will lend well to the overall theme of Engineering.  Turner Construction would specifically like to meet Civil Engineering majors.  So, for all those engineering students make sure to mark your calendars and plan to register for the PACCAR/Turner Excursion!  Registration begins this Friday, with link to be announced on Thursday.

Note: Corporate excursions are  made available exclusively for Gonzaga students (both undergraduate and graduate levels).  Alumni and friends of the university are encouraged to attend the networking social as well as the Career Fair.  More information to come.