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What NOT to do After an Interview…


We always tell job seekers what to do before, during and after an interview.  From researching companies to sending a well written thank-you note, there are some “basics” when it comes to interview etiquette.  Sometimes we forget however what job seekers shouldn’t do after an interview.  Yes, there are many no-no’s for post interview but in a Facebook and Twitter world some of the rules are being re-written.

For example: HR recruiters are in fact using social media websites like Twitter,  Facebook and MySpace to find out more on individual candidates.  (Ethical implications of this is still undefined and under debate.)

With that, consider that your Facebook Status as well as your Twitter updates up for grabs for recruiters, potential bosses and individuals to network with.  It’s recommended that job seekers to never update Facebook status or Twitter regarding the success (or failure) of an interview.

Saying, “That interviewer was such a jerk, and they would be lucky to have me on their staff.”  Probably wouldn’t read very well if someone from that company comes across it.

Or, “That interview was a snap and that job is in the bag and is mine.”   Being arrogant and ostentatious about the possibility of landing the job also will not make you appealing to employers.

My tip for you?   Follow the instructions of the Twitter Bird here on the blog and know what to Tweet/Facebook and what to leave alone.


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  2. Whole Life Coaching

    This is so true!! I am forever trying to get across to my teenagers that what they post on these social sites is not private information!

    Great reminder for job hunters.

  3. Leonardo Leiva

    I agree with this post. Almost all recruiters use personal branding 2.0 methods in order to value candidates. To take care of your brand means to take care of what you write and how you write it.

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