Career Month is ending at Career & Professional Development, and now is the perfect time for students to build upon the connections that they have made throughout our various career fairs and digital treks.

A great way to maintain these professional relationships is to practice writing and sending thank you cards to those you have interviewed with, sought guidance from, or networked with. To strengthen these communications and ensure a great future contact, here are some steps you can take and tips to lead you to success:  

  1. When do I Send It?  

Once you WOW an employer after an interview, you want to make sure your great first impression remains fresh in their minds. It is generally recommended to send a thank you message within 24- 48 hours of your interaction, but for events taking place near the end of the week, messages the following week are okay, too.

Directly after your interview or meeting, write down a few takeaways that you can include which will then assist you later when writing the thank you message. 

  1. What do I Include?  

There are some key things you should cover to make a strong impression. 

  1. Clearly express your thanks!  Although this may seem obvious, demonstrating this message will be meaningful to employers. 
  1. Show Interest: Explain why you applied for this position, reached out during the career fair, or completed an interview, and why it is relevant to you. 
  1. Highlight Experiences and Top Traits: Share again why you would be right for the company or job and how your past and abilities will assist you to be the perfect candidate 
  1. Mention specifics from the Interview: In doing this, the interviewers will be reminded of how the interview went and demonstrate your attentiveness to what was discussed. 
  1. How long should it be?  

To keep the recipient interested in what you are discussing, it’s a good idea to keep the thank you message to a maximum of 250-300 words. The subject line should also be concise, e.g., ““Thank you – Sales Marketing Associate interview” 

  1. Proofread! 

When sharing your message, a thank you note that is free of errors will further confirm your professionalism and ability to be detail oriented.  

  1. How do I end my message? 

Finally, ensure your message has been well received by ending it with a simple and polite closing statement along with any further contact information so they can continue the dialogue.  

By following these tips and tricks, whether your Thank-You note is sent following an interview, interaction at a career fair, or following another connection, your professional network will be positively impacted and will lead to your success even after Career Month is over.