In his own words…

All too often the impact of scholarship support on Gonzaga current students is not shared with our donors in a personal way. Scholarships, however, are very personal, especially to Gonzaga Scholars Program recipients. Junior Edgar Loya shares with us a short reflection on his Gonzaga journey:

“It would be impossible for me to summarize the impact the Gonzaga Scholars Program (GSP) has had on me during my two years at Gonzaga.  I would like to at least give you an idea of the many things the program has allowed me to accomplish during these two years.

“Because of the Gonzaga Scholars Program, I have been able to attend University Ministry retreats, lead them, and initiate two faith-based events at GU—Jesuit Martyrs Month and Jesuit Heritage Week. The Gonzaga Scholars Program is a continuous blessing that allows me to carry on with several extra-curricular activities without having to worry so strenuously about the financial strain that often comes along with attending a private institution—it is, in essence, a blessing which allows me to fully immerse myself into the spirit of Gonzaga University. For this, I am ever grateful.

“Lastly, this fall semester I will be studying abroad in Granada, Spain.  I send you a heartfelt “thank you” for your contributions to this great program as it has undoubtedly affected my career at Gonzaga and my life.”

Blessings ad infinitum,
Edgar I. Loya