How You Can Help Support Human Physiology Department Research

In the Thursday, April 17, 2014 edition of The Gonzaga Bulletin, Trevor Middleton (’15) wrote about some exciting research projects underway in the human physiology department at Gonzaga. Professor Dan McCann was quoted in the article as having said,

“In my opinion, the research projects our students perform in physiology and biomechanics have shown over the years to be the most meaningful and rewarding part of our curriculum. Based on the feedback we get from students, I believe they feel the same. Overall, the projects are the most enjoyable part of my teaching and advising.”

McCann also cited the need for more support for these projects.

“As much as I hate to consider it, we have begun discussing or even eliminating research projects as a curricular requirement because, ironically, the success of our program has caused it to outgrow our resources.”

Active research projects in the department include experiments examining the effects of compression wear and ice baths in muscle recovery.

If you are interested in helping, visit to designate a gift for use in support of this or other research opportunities at Gonzaga. You can also read the full article from The Gonzaga Bulletin to learn more about experiments in the human physiology department.