Scholarships 101

Getting a college degree is hard work. At Gonzaga, it is our hope that the students who desire to develop themselves as justice-seeking, spiritual and intellectual people for others are adequately supported by the University community. That’s why there will be a lot of talk about scholarships this year.

11152010PatFerroProfessor-12_5328065470_oScholarships can be the missing piece that makes a Gonzaga education possible. Scholarships can show students that the Gonzaga community supports their goals. Scholarships can help to lower the debt load for Gonzaga students and families. Scholarships can allow time to study rather than working an extra job. Scholarships can ensure that students have access to an exemplary Jesuit education without obstacles of financial burden. Scholarships can help students attend retreats. Scholarships can help prospective students make Gonzaga their first choice for their education. And that’s just the beginning.

Scholarships can have an impact that lasts a lifetime. Scholarships themselves can last a lifetime.

There are two primary types of Gonzaga scholarships. With annual scholarships, many donations of all sizes are pooled together and awarded to students in their financial aid package. These scholarships are an excellent way for donors to make a meaningful difference for Gonzaga students through the collective power of their gifts.

Endowed scholarships provide annual returns from an invested sum that are awarded as either a one-time gift or over multiple years. An endowed scholarship starts with a commitment to fund $50,000 over 5 years. The great part about endowed scholarships is that the invested amount continues to grow, and its returns are awarded to students in perpetuity. Some endowed scholarships are named for or by the people who funded them. These scholarships are part of what we call the Names that Live.

However a scholarship is funded, what we know truly matters is that the Zag community is investing in educating our future leaders and making a positive impact on the Gonzaga experience. Our donors have supported thousands of students year over year, creating a legacy of Zags.

If you’d like to join in and support Gonzaga scholarships, we’d love (and need) the help! You can give online at or call (800)463-6925. Thank you!