This School Year Made Possible By 13,287 Zags

The Gonzaga community united in appreciation Tuesday, April 19, 2016, for the sixth annual Tomorrow Made Possible event—an opportunity for students to honor, recognize and show gratitude for the alumni and donors who support Gonzaga.

“The goal this year was to specifically help students understand that donors are not just the names on buildings; they are all types of alumni,” said Megan Pitzen, Gonzaga’s Annual Campaign Program Manager, who coordinated the day’s events.

This year’s Tomorrow Made Possible theme embodied the idea that Gonzaga shows thanks to the donors and alumni of years past for what they contribute to the University’s future. Fundamentally, tomorrow at Gonzaga is made possible by the generosity of alumni who gave yesterday. For Pitzen, it was a priority to educate students about this impact in an authentic, relatable context.

Students like Breda Bosch (’16) took time on Tuesday to visit the John J. Hemmingson Center rotunda and stop at the various engagement stations. These stations included:

  • A chance to write thoughtful messages on the interactive Zag Wall
  • Writing thank you notes for donors and signing cards with the Office of Financial Aid
  • A photo booth where students could take pictures and send them to donors
  • A symbolic tricycle “race for your scholarship”
  • An opportunity to interact with the students who work for the University’s Telefund, to learn about their experiences raising money for GU and how every Zag can get involved with student philanthropy
  • Games & contests highlighting certain funds Gonzaga donors support, matching scholarship statistics and chances to win prizes—even the opportunity to attend a luncheon with President McCulloh
Students had fun while learning about the impact of Zag donor generosity.

Students had fun while learning about the impact of Zag donor generosity.

Bosch, who relies on scholarship to make her Gonzaga experience a reality, said the day was quite impactful for her.

“I think it’s really important for us as students to know where our scholarships are coming from, that real-live alumni believe in us,” she said. “It’s astonishing that that many (13,287) donors gave to GU this year.”

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