My American Dream

Sponsored Zag and political science major Athena Sok shared her gratitude for the generosity of the Gonzaga University community who sponsored her with a scholarship.

athena sok photoDear Gonzaga Donors,

My parents started out in America with nothing. They didn’t know English and they didn’t come close to finishing high school in Cambodia. They went from one refugee camp to another during the Khmer Rouge regime. All they had was the willpower to fight for their family’s future. They did everything they could to give their children the opportunity to succeed.

You have helped me gain the same willpower my parents had.

Your generous contribution to the Zag Scholarship Fund is absolutely gracious and appreciated. The opportunity you have given me to receive an education at Gonzaga will give me the chance to achieve not only my parents’ American dream, but also my own.

Thank you so much.

Athena Sok (’19)

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