An Invitation

fr-voiss-vertical-webYou are part of the Gonzaga University family. You have experienced the transformative power of GU. For alumni, the relationships you forged during your time here, the memories you have cherished since then, these are part of the life-story that has made you to be who you are. The same can be said for the experiences of Gonzaga families, faculty and staff, and friends of the University as well. You and I—along with everyone who has been touched by the richness Gonzaga has to offer—we share kinship in this heritage. We are the Gonzaga family. On behalf of the extended Gonzaga University community, I want to thank you. As a part of this broader family, living out the values and lessons you learned here, you carry the vision and the mission of Gonzaga into the future. We are grateful.

Today that mission continues. Every day, Gonzaga inspires men and women who will transform our world for the better. That is our commitment to the future. Gonzaga Will unfold the potential within the hearts and minds of each and every Zag. Gonzaga Will carry on the Jesuit Educational Heritage, giving each new generation the opportunity to learn and grow through rigorous liberal arts education, faith formation, service learning, and unparalleled community support. What Gonzaga has done for you, Gonzaga Will do for those who are to come. With you, Gonzaga Will.

Gonzaga has only been able to carry on this mission because of the generous support of men and women who believe in it. The generosity of earlier generations made possible the experience you had at Gonzaga. We want to invite you now to help us carry that same rich heritage forward, touching and transforming the lives of Zags to come. Your gift  will help us to make that happen.

We are blessed and grateful to be able to share this common Gonzaga heritage with you. Just as Gonzaga has played a role in shaping who you have come to be, so your generosity plays its part in shaping Gonzaga as we reach for the future. Thank you for all you do.

Fr. Jim Voiss, S.J.

Visit to make your gift in support of the mission of Gonzaga University.