Our Jesuit Identity Is Alive And Well

Our Jesuit identity is alive and well. Gonzaga University is an effective and immensely valuable school. It has been for 129 years. I know. I deny the rumor that I came in on a mule trailing Fr. Cataldo, but I do go back as far as Fr. Twohy, the dear man who was president when I arrived here 45 years ago. Since then, I’ve seen thousands of first-year students turn into admirable graduates. I may have seen you.

If you can’t conjure up an image of my face, you can see somebody’s—a professor who cared, one who touched your life and helped you emerge as the good person you are today. You can picture his face, hear her voice. And you smile. Please help Gonzaga to go on with this good work. There are others who need now what you received.”

– Blaine M. Garvin, Ph.D, Professor of Political Science

Professor Garvin is correct—our work is only possible with your support. Visit gonzagawill.com/giveonline today to make your gift so that Gonzaga may continue to provide the world with the good people it needs most.