Why I Give

“I was a student that relied heavily on scholarships, grants and student loans. I also worked as many as three or four part time jobs to make ends meet during my time at GU, on top of being a student and Resident Life staff member.  Frankly, it was tough at times after leaving GU.

Now, 30 years after graduating, I think I simply want to give back and get money to the students that need it the most. There are students like me who rely on scholarships and grants to make it through. Gonzaga is an amazing place and producing thoughtful, ethical people into the world. If I can make a bit easier for somebody by giving a few dollars, then that is my reward. I really don’t care if I know who receives the money, I trust the GU family leaders to find the right person and situation to reward.

I see the stories in the GU publications, I see the people that graduate in my place of work. I am confident the right decisions are being made by the professionals.”
– Scott Richards (’86)