Zag Scholarship Promise

On The Road To Reinvest

Gonzaga student, Nick Fritschler sits on a mountain top near his home of Port Angeles, WA

Nick Fritschler (’19) near his home of Port Angeles, Washington.

If Nick Fritschler (’19) has his way, someday when you buy a car, it’ll be a safe and more enjoyable experience than you’ve ever had — one he helped engineer and you helped make possible by supporting his Gonzaga education through scholarships.

“Nothing shows a greater level of care, confidence and faith in what Gonzaga can help me accomplish than this scholarship,” said Fritschler. “If all goes to plan, I will do work that brings about positive change affecting everyone — through their cars.”

His drive for the automotive industry stems from his strengths in math and science. As he was preparing to enter his first year at Gonzaga in 2015, Fritschler was eagerly anticipating his experience in the School of Engineering and Applied Science.

“I’m excited to study mechanical engineering,” he said. “I love research, development and the many directions I can eventually take my degree. I am hopeful to possibly even spend time as an intern for an automaker in Germany at some point. The sky is the limit in the modern world!”

While Fritchler sings the praises of his field, he also sings another tune — several, in fact — as he minors in music with an emphasis in vocal performance.

Fritchler is grateful for the opportunities his scholarships provide and is already looking forward to paying it forward. He shared to Gonzaga donors, “By giving to Gonzaga scholarships, you’ve added to something far greater than the life of an individual student. I know I am not alone when I say that I plan to repay the generosity shown to me by reinvesting in Gonzaga so others can receive what I have and more.”