Merry Christmas

A Special Gift

Justin BarnettGonzaga University is a special place. Sponsored Zag Justin Barnett (’19) felt it right away.

“The minute I stepped onto campus, I just knew Gonzaga was the school for me,” he said. “Something about the atmosphere and how nice the faculty and students were made me feel right at home. From that moment on, I knew I could be an important part of a community.” 

Originally from Mukilteo, Washington, Barnett was excited to be a Zag, though he had concerns about being able to afford to get his bachelor’s degree here. Coming from a single-parent family with two siblings, his scholarships were truly the difference between his dreams of studying business with a concentration in finance and reality.

“One school year at Gonzaga costs as much as my mom makes in a year,” Barnett explained. “If it wasn’t for the scholarships your gifts help provide, I would not be going to Gonzaga University right now.” 

After he graduates, Barnett hopes to support other students in situations similar to his own, giving them the greatest gift of all: a Gonzaga education. 

“I know I am getting a great education,” he said, “but it is what I do with my education that really matters. I want to be able to give the same encouragement and support you have given me to someone else in need.”

Your gifts inspire. This Christmas, give the gift of inspiration by donating to Gonzaga scholarships.