New Alumni Database

With the new website coming this winter we have been working to create a comprehensive database for the Gonzaga MBA current students and Alumni. This database will include each individuals email and current employment information. This will be a valuable resource that helps MBA grads and students connect within their given industries. This tool will only be for Gonzaga students and alumni and will require a Gonzaga login to gain access. In order to facilitate these connections LinkedIn profiles will also be included within the database.

If you haven’t already there are a couple steps you can take to help us complete the database as accurately as possible!

First, please let us know if you do not want your information posted within the database.


Second, make sure your LinkedIn profile is up to date (or create an account) and make sure you have the Gonzaga Graduate School of Business listed under the education section. You can find the steps to do this below.

  1. Log into your LinkedIn and click on PROFILE.

  2. Scroll down to education. In the right hand corner click

           +ADD EDUCATION

  1. Under school, type:

          “Gonzaga University Graduate School of Business”

  1. You can also add dates attended, your specific degree, and any activities or societies you are a part of.

  2. Lastly, don’t forget to press save

This helps promote the great Gonzaga MBA network that includes YOU!