Academic Read #3: Ten Reasons To Go On a Pre-Orientation Program

From our Mission Statement: “The Gonzaga Experience fosters a mature commitment to dignity of the human person, social justice, diversity, intercultural competence…”

Gonzaga University offers five optional, fee-based Pre-Orientation Programs that you can find more about HERE. We know what you’re thinking: “Why would anyone want to leave early and cut their summer short?!” What you may not realize is that these Programs can be the catalyst to ignite your Gonzaga Experience; a chance to fully immerse yourself in your new home and community. You may have already received our brochure in the mail outlining what each Program has to offer. Below are just a few of the endless reasons why YOU should attend a Pre-Orientation Program.

  1. Each Program has a specific theme, which makes it a little easier to make friends who have similar interests, passions, and experiences.
  2. After meeting these new friends, you won’t have to eat alone in the BARC for the first few weeks of school!
  3. Be introduced to and explore the greater Spokane community.
  4. Move in early- probably before your roommate so you get first dibs on which side of the room you want.
  5. Challenge yourself! Moving to a new place with new people can be scary, but this is a chance to take full advantage of the “unknown” and transform it into unlimited potential.
  6. Have an opportunity to reflect on your journey thus far— the “your” of Ignite Your Spirit.
  7. Experience the amazing Gonzaga community—the “our” of Ignite Your Spirit.
  8. Attend Orientation events with your new best buds you meet during your Program.
  9. Learn about the campus resources, upperclassmen, faculty, and staff to help you Ignite Your Spirit.
  10. It is a fun, challenging, humbling way to end your summer and begin your college journey.

IGNITE Question: What Pre-Orientation Programs sound interesting to you? Why do YOU want to attend one of these programs?

*Special thanks to our student contributors: Kyle Hubbard, Allison Fernandez, Breda Bosch, Ally Crha, Noah Johnson, Jen O’Toole, Sheridan Kearns, April Aaronson, Kevin Ward, Emily Pierre, Jeff Kvamme, Daniel Bladow

2 Responses to “Academic Read #3: Ten Reasons To Go On a Pre-Orientation Program”

  • When my mother and I first say the orientation dates we were sad that it was only over a weekend. We thought that is wasn’t enough time to meet new people, and get to experience the school. When I got the booklet in the mail about these pre-orientation programs I read them right then and there to see which one I felt would be best for me. Although I still haven’t decided I am excited to attend one of them! These ten benefits are exactly what I thought about when I saw the booklet! I felt that we really would be establish a knowledge of the school, but also meet new friends so we aren’t alone.

    • Hi Hannah!
      Going on Reality Camp was probably one of the best decisions I could have made my freshman year. All of the Pre-Orientation Programs are incredible and allow for an easier transition into college life. Reality Camp introduced me not only to Spokane and its unique identity, but the Center for Community Action and Service Learning (CCASL) on campus that I now coordinate programs for, and Hutton Settlement, a residential home for kids I tutor at. On top of that, I met one of my best friends on the New Student facebook group when we were both registering for Reality Camp! I hope you find the Pre-Orientation Program that fits you. And if spots fill up, know that there are SO many other opportunities to meet people and get involved throughout the school year.

      Megan Soldati
      Academics & Special Populations Manager

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