Welcome to Gonzaga University

Welcome to Gonzaga University

Warm thoughts and winter greetings from Spokane.

As the Transfer, Veteran, and Returning Adult Students Office (TVRAS), we wanted to officially welcome you to Gonzaga University! While we love our name and the ability to support a wide group of students, you may be wondering the role of our office in your transition. Let’s dig into how we’re here to support you as an incoming Gonzaga student.

Through our programming efforts, we work to acknowledge the unique experiences that you as transfer students bring to our institution, all the while connecting you with the GU community. Each week we host events that offer an opportunity to socialize with both new and returning TVRAS students, including bar nights, lunches, outdoor trips, and an array of off-campus outings. By attending these events, you are seizing an opportunity to build community within TVRAS and, let’s be transparent, having fun while eating free food!

As an added benefit, we have a group of TVRAS Ambassadors that are also available to answer questions and support you as you transition. These students have been through the process themselves and are able to speak to the challenges and joys of the process. The ambassadors will be calling each of you to answer questions and welcome you to Gonzaga. There are even opportunities to sit down with an ambassador to share a free lunch at the Bulldog on Gonzaga’s campus! If you’d like to know more about this program, send me an email or give me a call.

On a larger, institutional scale, you’ll find our university offers a variety of ways to be involved, whatever your passion may be. We’re here in the TVRAS office to support and assist you in discovering what your involvement looks like. To stay connected to these opportunities, I would highly recommend logging into Zagtivities and joining our Transfers, Veterans, and Returning Adult Students group. This is a great, low-commitment way of knowing what programs we’re putting on through the TVRAS office, along with other opportunities that may interest you.

Finally, we want to invite you to visit and hang out with us in the Hemmingson 313 common space. Take the opportunity to check out the free lockers, coffeemaker, fridge, printer, and other resources available to you! Additionally, each of us involved in the office want to meet you, share a joke, and bond over the weather. In all seriousness, our staff would love to welcome you in person, learn your story, and connect you to campus resources (inserting puns and laughter whenever appropriate).

If you have any questions in the meantime, feel free to give me a call, visit our office, or check out our website listed below.

Again, welcome to the Gonzaga community and… #GOZAGS

Kayla Zobel
Program Coordinator, Center for Student Involvement

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