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Letter from an International Student

I’m an international student from Malaysia and a rising senior majoring in computer engineering with a minor in computer science at Gonzaga University. I enjoy studying abroad in the US because I get to meet with so many people from the US and different countries and have the opportunity to listen to their unique stories. 

Being an international student can be challenging especially when one is so far away from home. However, I’m thankful that I’m able to meet with many friendly and awesome people at Gonzaga. I have been participating in the activities organized by the Gonzaga Center For Global Engagement (CGE) ever since I was a freshman. Some of the activities include outdoor sports, potlucks, games and exploring Spokane. As a result of that, I’m connected to students, staff, and scholars from the US and other parts of the world. I also made some lifelong friends from participating in the activities that helped with my transition as an international student at Gonzaga.

During the end of my freshman year, I applied to be a peer ambassador at the Center For Global Engagement because I wanted to be part of the change. I aspire to help other international students with their transition by being there for them and to remind them that they belong at Gonzaga. My favorite moments working at CGE is during the orientations because I get to meet with the new students and to welcome and show them around the campus and Spokane. 

Working and participating in CGE has changed me a lot as a person. Meeting people who are different than me has helped me to be more understanding and to appreciate the differences among people. It has also expanded my world view and help me to develop global consciousness.


-Lin Hui Tan (Esther)

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