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First Year student with their Mom at Orientation

Let Them Hug You Tighter

 For some of you, the summer has been dragging on and you have been counting the days until you move into your new residence hall, meet new friends and gain independence from your family (FREEDOM)!

Bell Tower and bridge over Spokane river

Welcome to Spokane

This city has quickly become my home over the past three years, and I am excited to share with you a few of my favorite things about this great city.

Keys to Involvement Success at GU

Hey, Zags! As you prepare for your exciting journey to Spokane and our campus, we figured you’d have some questions about life at GU.

Ava in Hemmingson in blue staff shirt

The Summer Before Gonzaga

Ask me how I felt back then, and I would have responded with something like, “I’m so excited! I can’t wait to start my journey at Gonzaga.”

A group photo of Guide core in Hemmingson, left to right, Jazz, Gabe, Sydney and Alan.

Meet 2019 GUide Core

Hi Zags! Throughout the school year and this summer especially, four dedicated Guide Core staff have been working with a team of FYEP staff to bring you the best orientation weekend possible.

Welcome to IGNITE Blog

This is Courtney Brown, your 2019 Marketing intern for GUide Core. GUide core is a dedicated group of students and staff who design your first weekend on campus to promote academic and social success throughout your time as a GU student.