Trends in the Market for Entrepreneurship Faculty from 1989-2011 – Todd A. Finkle

Graphic 2014 Trends Final In Print JEE_2013This article examines the trends in the market for entrepreneurship faculty over the past
22 years. Data is provided from June, 1989 through June, 2011 on advertised candidates and
positions throughout the world.
Data collected for the study involved a daily process of collecting information about jobs
and candidates from a wide variety of sources: the old Academy of Management Placement
books before the introduction of the Internet; Chronicle of Higher Education; Academy of
Management’s Job Placement Board and The Chronicle of Higher Education’s weekly online
newspaper, and a number of web sites.
There were several significant findings in this study. Over the past year, the number of
tenure track candidates was higher than the number of tenure track positions for only the second
time in 12 years. This is a negative for candidates. The findings also show that schools were
seeking senior faculty more often for their open positions. The number of advertisements for
associate and full professors was close to an all-time high. The numbers tell us that
entrepreneurship is becoming increasingly institutionalized within Schools of Business and
Schools are also recruiting more candidates with a primary area in entrepreneurship.
This shows that schools are valuing entrepreneurship as they recruit an ever increasing number
of candidates with a primary area in entrepreneurship.

Using t-tests, this study also examined the trends in tenure track candidates and positions
over the past 10 years. Data showed a significant increase in the number of tenure track
candidates versus tenure track positions.
The findings of this study can be beneficial to candidates seeking positions as they need
to be aware of the current trends. Candidates need to be cognizant that the percentage of tenure
track positions in entrepreneurship has been going down over the past few years. They also need
to be aware of the opportunities. Schools are increasingly seeking candidates with primary areas
in entrepreneurship. Overall, the findings of the study will be beneficial to both candidates and


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