SNHP Faculty – Research & Service

Our faculty are active in both scholarship and service. Below is a brief recounting of recent efforts.


Crogan, N.L. (2017). Nutritional problems affecting older adults. Nursing Clinics of North America, special Geriatric Syndromes issue, Kim J., Miller, S (ed). 52, 433-445.

Crogan, N.L., Simha, A., Rinard, M. (in revision). Implementing medication assistants in one eastern Washington nursing home. Geriatric Nursing.

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Scott Smith, MD, Amber Fisher, India King, PsyD, Donovan Victorine, PharmD, Adam Brotman, PsyD, Donna Lowther, MN, FNP, Jill Hedt, PhD, Deborah Smith, DNP, FNP, Elena Speroff, DNP, FNP, and Rick Tivis, MPH. 2017. Creation and initial validation of a 360_ Interprofessional Clinic, Journal of Interprofessional Education & Practice, 1-7.

Melaku-Abbera, Habtamua, Smith, Deborah. 2017. Evaluation of a Family Nurse Practitioner-led individualized diabetes care model in a primary care clinic, The Journal for Nurse Practitioners – JNP e143-146,

Conferences & Presentations

Crogan, N.L. “Organizational and patient outcomes after implementation of a new nurse extender staffing model in nursing homes.” Nursing Practice 2017: 30th World Congress on Advanced Nursing Practice, Edinburgh, Scotland, September 4-6, 2017.

Dhanaswar, N. (2017, November) Spanning Professional Differences Through Interprofessional Simulation. Poster presentation at Sigma Theta Tau International, Spokane, WA,.

Isaacson, J.  (2017, January).  Simulation:  An Innovative Approach to Prepare Returning Practitioners. Poster session presented at the International Meeting on Simulation in Healthcare (IMSH), Orlando, FL. (abstract accepted)

Isaacson, J.  (2016, November).  Ensuring the Right to Health Through International Service Learning.  Presentation at the American Public Health Association Annual Meeting & Expo, Denver, CO.

Isaacson, J.  (2016, October).  Exploring the Impact of Osteoporosis on Myogenesis. Poster session presented at the Sigma Theta Tau Research Meeting and Induction.  Spokane, WA.

Owens, J. (2017, July). Life balance in nurse educators, Poster presented at CAHEC Nurse Educators Conference in the Rockies, Breckenridge, CO

Weppner, William, Smith, Deborah, King, India, and Tivis, Rick. 2017. Collaborating Across Borders, Oct 1-4, 2017, Banff, Alberta, Canada, Interactive Poster presentation: Spanning Geographic and Professional Distances: Evaluation of an interprofessional case conference on student satisfaction, knowledge and collaboration, Abstract # 336

Smith, Deborah, Weppner, William, Tivis, Rick, and King, India. 2017. Interprofessional collaboration at a distance driven by OSCEs, 40th Annual National Conference—Advanced practice in Primary and Acute Care conference, October 26-27, 2017, Seattle Washington.

Tiedt, J., Smith, D., and Murphy, LL.  2017 Improving Clarity for Students’ DNP Projects Using a Fishbowl Discernment Activity, Interactive poster presentation DNP Deans and Directors conference 1/25/17.

Tiedt, J.A. & Boysen, S. (2017, April). Podium Presentation: “Educating nurses for a more diverse world: An evaluation of a nursing program’s curricula for population and global health.” Global Alliance for Leadership in Nursing Education and Sciences Conference: Catalyzing Nursing Education and Scholarship for Global Health: Miami, FL.

Tiedt, J.A. & Buenzli, W. (2017, April). Podium Presentation: “The synergies of academic-practice partnerships to serve the needs of Indigenous and rural populations.” Global Alliance for Leadership in Nursing Education and Sciences Conference: Catalyzing Nursing Education and Scholarship for Global Health. Podium Presentation: Miami, FL.


Patrick Crosswhite filmed 13 segments for Washington Grown, a locally produced TV show that promotes the agriculture industry in Washington;  as one of the show hosts, Dr. Crosswhite provides information on the health and nutrition benefits of the crops featured in every episode.

Julie Derzay was the instructor of a 6-week faculty-led study abroad experience in Glasgow, Scotland. The class was a collaboration with Psychology and was part of the University of Glasgow’s International Summer School.

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