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Global Witness withdraws support for the Kimberley Process

Posted by: Annie Voy | December 5, 2011 | 1 Comment |

Interesting article from the NYT about the advocacy group ‘Global Witness’ withdrawing support from the Kimberley Process.

Global Witness Quits Group on ‘Blood Diamonds’

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I am somewhat surprised that a group would withdraw from efforts to stop such egregious violations of human rights. Here, it seems like the more people helping with the Kimberley Process, the more likelihood there is that progress will be made – strength in numbers! However, if countries are still turning a blind eye and allowing so-called ‘rough diamonds’ to leave their diamond fields and enter the world market, perhaps there is more that these advocacy groups could be doing to help. Could it also be that these countries care more about the money there is to be made than about the people who are doing the harvesting? I would like to reiterate one point mentioned in the article – in order for this industry to clean up itself and its image, the countries involved must take an active role in doing so.