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Transfer Welcome Letter

Greetings New Zag!

Welcome to the Gonzaga University (GU) community, a place of exploration, transformation, and education. I am thrilled and honored to have the opportunity to work with you throughout your college experience.

During your transition into GU, our team in the Transfer, Veteran, and Returning Adult Services Office (TVRAS) will be here to provide you support and connect you to the variety of resources that are available to you. In many ways, we strive to become your home away from home by offering a physical space (Hemmingson 211) where you are able to study, grab coffee (we have a Keurig!), find resources, and access computers.

We know that moving into a new community and new school can be tough, so all of our TVRAS activities, resources, and programs are designed with you in mind; providing unique experiences tailored to fit your needs, all while connecting you with the Gonzaga community.

  • For instance, before you attend orientation on January 13, login into BlackBoard and complete the Transfer Student Success course, it was designed specifically for transfer students with information that with help you transition successfully to Gonzaga.
  • Once school starts up, come to the monthly TVRAS luncheons, which offer an opportunity to engage with your peers, learn about opportunities on campus, and grab some free catered lunch (always a plus).
  • To stay connected with all of the events and resources we provide, check out our weekly TVRAS emails and our blogs
  • The Off-Campus website is a great source for news, tips and programs.

In addition to the offerings sponsored by TVRAS, there are a myriad of opportunities created by campus clubs, offices, and individuals ranging from volunteer and service opportunities to intramural sport teams, Christian life groups and cultural events – we encourage you to check these out! Connect on the weekends with SpikeNites, which occur every Friday and Saturday night from 10p-1:30a in Hemmingson. Activities during SpikeNites range from board games to dances to carnivals and everything in-between. We also offer monthly SpikeDays, family-friendly programming for our Student-Parents (those of you who have children).

As one final plug, come visit the TVRAS office (Hemmingson 211), we’ll have donuts for the first day of class (Tues- 14th), say “hello”, grab some coffee, and share a laugh with us. We’d love to meet you in person and introduce you to our new space – it’s yours too!

While you may not have started at GU, our goal is that you end your higher educational journey here with the additional weight of a cap, gown, and degree. I look forward to connecting with each of you as we navigate the upcoming years together.

Thanks. And again, welcome to Gonzaga University. Go ZAGS!


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Colleen Quinn Vandenboom, PhD
Assistant Dean, Student Involvement & Leadership
(509) 313-5606


The Transfer, Veteran and Returning Adult Student Office, or TVRAS (as it is affectionately known) is designed to support and serve our transfer and veteran students here at GU. The professional staff from GU and Veteran Affairs that work in the office are here to help you succeed and navigate campus. They have taken special care to design programs and initiatives to maximize your learning and sense of belonging at GU. The TVRAS space in Hemmingson 211 is a place for you to get help, hang out, and meet people.

Twitter: @gonzagaTVRAS

Facebook: / @GONZAGASVO

Instagram: @gutvras

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