Chare’ Gilliam’s SA Blog Entry #1

Chare’ Gilliam, Cadre III Junior; Double Majoring: Political Science & Criminal Justice

September 16th, 2013

I decided to go abroad because it seemed like a very unique experience to be surrounded by many different people from all around the world. Within London, I am able to get a taste of the world all within one city. For me, it is very important to experience the world because you learn so much about yourself in the process.

I am hoping to walk away from this study abroad experience with something more tangible than a fact here and there. What I am hoping to gain from this experience is a new perspective on what it means to live in an ever growing multicultural city and to observe how such a diverse city is able to function with so many people from different walks of life.

So far, I am really missing all of that Zag Spirit and all of my friends and family. It feels really weird to be so separated from everyone else that I have grown to love and depend on but it is definitely a great experience being in such a huge metropolis.

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