Jacob at the UAE Embassy

Jacob Hill: Post #2

As I write this, I am struggling through a daze of fatigue and cold medicine. Nonetheless, despite my present illness, I will …

Hanging out with friends on a break.

Melanie Francis: Post #2

Starting this second blog has made me reflect on the fact that the entire program is already one-third of the way done! …

The Capitol Building

Jacob Hill: Post #1

In the four weeks I’ve been in Washington DC, I can summarize my experience as stressful, exciting, and strikingly unfamiliar. That’s the short and sweet of it. But that’s not a very interesting blog, so here it goes…

Spanish Lamps

Aisha Burka: Post #1

Three words: eat, pray, love. They’re simple, sure, but the true meaning behind them has inspired me to reflect on how I relate to all of it. There are many universal themes within the film that I think we’ve all gone through or can relate to including self-discovery, heartache, uncertainty or just wanting a change in our lives in someway.

The Capitol Building, Washington, DC

Melanie Francis: Post #1

After counting down the months, weeks, and finally the days until my move to Washington, DC, I can now say that I have safely arrived and have begun to explore this beautiful city and all that it has to offer.

Rahmi Nemri: Post #3

When thinking about being impacted intellectually it is easy to assume that this will happen in the classroom. And going to another …

Rahmi Nemri: Post #2

Since I’ve last checked in I have been up to a lot of exploring. So far I have traveled to Munich, Amsterdam, …

Rahmi Nemri: Post #1

Why I decided to go abroad: I decided to go abroad for a few reasons. First, I have lived in Spokane all …