Rahmi Nemri: Post #1

Rahmi Nemri Major: Biology Minor: Business

Rahmi Nemri
Major: Biology
Minor: Business

Why I decided to go abroad: I decided to go abroad for a few reasons. First, I have lived in Spokane all of my life and although I have done some traveling (mostly within the States) I felt the need to get out of the Gonzaga bubble and the Spokane lifestyle because I was feeling a little too comfortable and needed a personal challenge. I also decided to go abroad because, as many college students, I want to travel to as many places as possible and experience new cultures and ways of living. It was hard to pass up an opportunity like this!

What I hope to get out of this experience: I hope to find out more about my self and see how I react when thrown into a new, unfamiliar environment. I also hope to create lasting relationships with many people from all over the world, not just London. To do this I plan on traveling throughout Europe and meeting interesting people from the places that I visit.

What I miss about Gonzaga thus far: By far, the biggest thing that I miss about GU are the friendly faces and, of course, the community! People just aren’t as approachable as they are in the Great PNW. I also miss being able to watch GU games at a reasonable hour and not have them start at midnight. But I can deal with that!

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