Jacob at the UAE Embassy

Jacob Hill: Post #2

As I write this, I am struggling through a daze of fatigue and cold medicine. Nonetheless, despite my present illness, I will persevere…. 

Since I last wrote a blog, work has steadily increased. I passed my security clearance and can finally do substantive work in the office. If I am being honest, most of the work I do not enjoy. Although, in the interest of being exposed to new experiences (whatever that actually means), I am content to just have something to do for the 20 hours that I am there. Office culture bothers me, but I am learning.

Classes continue to be fantastic, and the guest speakers we interact with are badass. Last week we visited the embassy of the UAE and spoke to the head of Middle East and North African security at the Atlantic Council (which is a prominent think tank), Kirsten Fontenrose. Her experience in the national security sector was astonishing, and I am glad I had the opportunity to speak with her. To date, that might be one of the coolest conversations I have had.  

With things outside of my school/work bubble, not a whole lot is going on. I think you all know how things get around this time of year. The glitter and rose-tinted glasses are gone when due dates catch up to you and bite you in the ass. Suffice to say, I haven’t been doing a whole lot of fun stuff outside of the bubble unfortunately. But sweet Jesus have I been spending money on food. I was introduced to a Peruvian chicken place down the street, and I am obsessed with fried plantains. Oh my God, this stuff is bomb. I could survive and thrive on fried plantains. If you haven’t had fried plantains, shame on you. Do yourself a favor and find some…your soul will thank you. 

Food has become one of Jacob's passions in DC, and shows as he enjoys lunch off campus.

Is this where I start writing about my hopes for the future until I write another one of these? If so, I hope I don’t turn into the Joker by the time this research paper is due. I would appreciate your thoughts and prayers in that regard. Also, I sincerely hope this executive branch can dislodge its head from whatever dark crevasse it currently resides. And on that que, it’s time to take my NyQuil. 


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