Chare’ Gilliam’s SA Blog Entry #2

So far London has been great and I have had a chance to explore many aspects of the city. Besides seeing and getting a chance to tour the staples of London such as Buckingham Palace and the Houses of Parliament, I have also been able to get out and explore the different neighborhoods as well. I have yet to explore Europe, but this upcoming week I will be traveling to six different countries and getting a taste of many of the different cultures of Europe.

It has been a really unique experience of living in the East End of London, which is historically a center for many ethnic minority groups. One of the main reasons, I chose to go to London was because I would get a chance to see an Act Six theme in such a way that I have never encountered in America. Diversity is a main component of London and is in fact something you can see no matter where you go within the city. It is absolutely astonishing to see so many different people from so many different backgrounds living and working together. Any one of my classes could have students from France or Bulgaria or maybe even Australia and what makes it all the more influential to me is that there is a thirst to understand everyone and their different cultures. In fact, most British students have a comprehension of global issues no matter how irrelevant it may seem for their lives. Seeing this diversity and the embracing of it has truly gave me a hope of seeing what my Act Six training has only talked about. This is a future of seeing the celebrating of different of cultures and not just a toleration of them.

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