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Tis the season… for THEFT!!!!


Happy Holidays! I sincerely hope everyone has an amazing holiday season. Unfortunately there are a select few people who believe that the only way for them to have a good holiday season is by taking what others possess. Starting with the whole Black Friday fiasco through the first couple weeks of January, there tends to be an increase in several types of crime. So, in the hope of helping prevent or limit victimization, I would like to take this opportunity to reiterate some prevention ideas.


Residential Burglary: During the holiday season, many people put up night Christmas trees and decorations both inside and outside of their home that can draw a lot of attention. Many of these same people open their curtains to show the world, or at least their neighbors, their Christmas spirit. This is a great way for criminals walking by to take a look at how many gifts you have under the tree so they know which houses will be the most lucrative to burglarize later. I would suggest limiting the amount of presents under the tree till the night before Christmas and/or limiting when the curtains are open to only daylight hours when you are home. This makes it less likely that criminals can easily view into your house whereas when it is dark outside and light inside, you are unable to see them, but they will have a great view of you and what you have.



Gonzaga Students frequently leave for the holidays. Criminals know this and residential burglaries in dorms tends to occur most years despite some good vigilance from Gonzaga Security patrols. If you leave, take your most important (and portable) items with you or hide them somewhere most people would not look. If you stay around, pay more attention to your surroundings and call security if something does not seem right or 911 if there is an emergency.


Vehicle Theft: You would think that the colder weather would drive down these crime rates but that is simply not true. Unfortunately, the cold weather prompts some people to start their vehicle and leave them running to warm up. It is actually illegal to leave your vehicle running and unoccupied. However, even without this prohibition, it is a BAD idea since many cars are stolen this time of year that would not normally be able to have been stolen (without the key).


Vehicle Prowling: People increase gift shopping for the holidays.  Criminals are no exception, only they do not frequently shop in stores. Criminal’s window shop in parking lots and garages looking for vehicles with a bunch of store bags inside. They will break your window and take the gifts that you just purchased. If you are going to shop, always try to put the items in an area not visible from the outside, especially if you are making several trips inside the mall. Remember that this is also true when you return items to the stores after Christmas. Also, DO NOT leave a spare key (or the valet key) inside your car ANYWHERE! Vehicle prowlers who are just looking for spare change may find it and decide to go on a joy ride. There has been an increase in this form of vehicle theft this year so please be conscientious!


Please enjoy the holidays and be safe!


Kirk Kimberly


Detective Kirk Kimberly

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