The 2012-2013 school year has officially come to an end! It was a great LEADS year with many new friendships formed and memories made! We had one final event in April, the End of the Year Banquet. It was great to get together one last time and to honor our graduating seniors and our Mentors of the Year. Have a good summer LEADS mentees and mentors and we hope to see you all back in the fall!!





To celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day a group of students went to the rally in downtown Spokane. It was a blistering cold morning but we were inspired by the speakers and the enthusiasm of the large crowd. It was a great way for mentors and mentees to connect and be involved in the larger Spokane community.


We met the president of the Spokanne branch of the NAACP!

       As I grow older I realize that those who stand back and do nothing are the ones contributing to a much bigger issue. One of my favorite quotes states, “Those who stand for nothing, will fall for anything.” I adore this quote because it is such a reality. If individuals do not find a passion or something to fight for the majority can easily sway them. To some the rally may seem to be merely a walk. To me it’s walking hand in hand or side by side and embracing the beauty of all those around me no matter the differences.  
       I was surprised to see many families with little ones in strollers. The idea of bringing the entire family out to stand and walk for justice was a beautiful sight to see. There were children of all ages up to teenagers and adults speaking and performing. Such a diverse range of years illustrating the importance of acceptance for all. Before the walk we all congregated inside the Convention Center for the speeches. Most of them older in age and male. It seemed that only adults were going to be speaking on behalf of this event. Until a young 14 year old boy came to the stage. He had such a small build and yet such a powerful voice. I was on the verge of tears thinking how incredible it is to see individuals as young as him participating in justice for the good of humanity. I don’t think I’ll be able to forget Khalil. It’s young people such as himself that give older individuals hope for the future.
        I believe it is important to attend rallies such as this in order to teach, inform, and learn from those in a community. By embracing equality and justice for all individuals, the human race can move forward, protect, and learn from one another. We are all looking for a friend, for someone to care for, for someone to fight for us. It is better we become allies with one another than enemies. “For evil requires that ordinary people, simply do nothing.”

-Holly Okot-Okidi (above second from left) on her experience at the MLK rally with fellow LEADS students



       In January students got together for the BRIDGE/LEADS reunion. It was a great time to catch up after break and start the new semester off with friends, food and laughter.


Before break everyone got together for a Holiday Social! Mentors got together with their mentees to make a dish for the event. Everyone had a great time listening to music, chatting and making gingerbread houses!

In December we took a study break and went ice skating at the Ice Palace downtown! By the end of the night everyone was able to skate without holding on to the wall! We ended the fun night of skating and bonding with some delicious ice cream.

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