Commute Trip Reduction at Gonzaga University

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At Gonzaga University, we have made a commitment to fully support and participate in the Commute Trip Reduction (CTR) program that is mandated by Washington State Law. More importantly, CTR will help our community by improving air quality and reducing traffic congestion. Please see below for additional information on our program elements.

Parking Management:

  • Provision of special parking slots and reduced parking charges for carpoolers
  • Offering rideshare matching service through www.rideshareonline.com

Financial Incentives/Subsidies:

  • Provision of subsidies for transit fares
  • Guaranteed Ride Home Program:

– If you use a commute alternative and an emergency occurs, Gonzaga provides a free cab ride home along with any necessary stops on the way (ie. Stopping to get medicine or visit the doctor)

Site Amenities:

  • Provision of bicycle parking, lockers, changing areas and showers for employees who bicycle or walk to work

Please click on the links below for additional resources:

Please contact the Commute Trip Reduction Coordinator, Jamie Burchett at 313-5852 or Burchett@gonzaga.edu with any questions on the CTR program at Gonzaga University.


Gonzaga Vehicle Rental

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Plant Services has four 15-passenger vans, three 7-passenger mini vans, and one 8-passenger handicap accessible van for rent to pre-approved Gonzaga employees and students on a first come first served basis.

To rent a vehicle, you must be at least 18 years old, be using the van for University business, and be an approved driver (have a valid driver’s license, provide a DMV report with no more than one moving violation, and pass the Plant Services drive/van familiarization process).

To become an approved driver, please contact Customer Service at Ext. 5656 or customerservice@gonzaga.edu to schedule a drive/van familiarization time.

Drivers will need to provide Customer Service a copy of your DMV report prior to or on the date of the scheduled drive/van familiarization.

For a complete list of available vans, rental prices, and all policies and procedures related to van rentals, please visit the Gonzaga website at the following link: http://www.gonzaga.edu/Campus-Resources/Offices-and-Services-A-Z/Plant-and-Construction-Services/Motorpool.asp .


GU Climate Action Plan: Transportation initiatives

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Transportation and the CAP 2013

Co-exist. But not across parking spaces, please.

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Bike Lockers

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Residence Directors (RDs) oversee residence hall bike lockers. If you’re not sure who your RD is, contact the Housing office at 509-313-4103. Human Resources oversees bike lockers at academic buildings: 509-313-5996.