Spolight: Zagmail

Keep Calm & ZagmailChecking your email regularly is a sure-fire sign that you are a functioning adult… or at least on your way to becoming one. We live in a world that is inundated with information. You’ve probably been in a situation where you are trying to watch the latest Iggy Azalea music video, but were rudely interrupted by an advertisement for a used car dealership. So how do you filter out what’s important?

Zagmail is the main form of communication between you and the university. No annoying advertisements here—it is all useful and important information. Orientation Core and other campus partners have been emailing you via your Zagmail, and will continue to do so for the duration of your Zag experience. It is SO important for you to check your email daily, even multiple times a day. Learn how to access your Zagmail account HERE. If you have any other questions, contact IT Support Center.

You will also receive Blackboard notifications via Zagmail. Several classes rely heavily on Blackboard to distribute class materials, conduct discussions, and post grades. Amanda Braley, Lab Coordinator in GU’s Biology Department, is one of many professors who utilize Blackboard’s capabilities. ” We have a fast pace-curriculum, so we keep material more current by distributing through Blackboard… It really helps everyone be more efficient if students are checking their Zagmail and Blackboard regularly.”

Morning Mail is also distributed via Zagmail. Morning Mail is a magical, one-stop, daily newsletter that informs you of upcoming campus events, job postings, scholarships, volunteer opportunities, and daily happens on and off campus. You may hear some students describe morning mail as a tedious undertaking, but in all honesty, it is up to you to inform yourself and engage with our community. Morning Mail can provide extremely helpful information and opportunities. Long story short, check your Zagmail!

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