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Your Course Schedule is Set, Are You?

The Office of Academic Advising & Assistance (AAA), as well as other advisors across campus, have been busy preparing your first semester schedule.   At Gonzaga, your first semester course schedule is constructed by a professional advisor.  We hope this takes away the stress of knowing what course requirements you need and how to enroll in those courses, so you can focus on your transition to your new learning environment at GU.   Advisors will ensure that you are enrolled in the courses that are required for your degree and put you on the correct path to graduation. 

Each schedule will be unique to the student’s enrollment needs.  Credit loads will vary depending on your chosen field of study but will likely be between 15 and 18 semester credits.  Most courses at GU are 3-4 credits each, so a 15 credit semester is usually made up of 5 courses.  At Gonzaga, full-time student status is 12 – 18 credits. 

Students in the School of Business will discuss their transfer credits with a Business advisor prior to or during enrollment for their spring term.  Students majoring in Special Education will work with that department’s chair.  All other students will work with AAA to review transfer credits, progress to degree, and completion plans.  

If you have questions about the enrollment process, Gonzaga degree requirements, or anything related, please contact AAA at, or 509-313-4072. 

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