Individualized Concentration

Students may design an interdisciplinary concentration of courses related to their individual goals and interests.* This concentration must include twelve credits of upper division courses approved by a faculty advisor.

To apply for an “Individualized Study” concentration, a student should do the following:

  1. Work with an advisor to identify 12-credits (or more) of coursework that will combine to create learning outcomes for the student.
  2. Write a definition of the topic of the concentration and provide an explanation of what the student will learn both broadly and specifically from the 12 credits of coursework. Be sure to list the courses that will comprise the concentration.
  3. Email copy of No. 2 to the student’s advisor and copy the associate dean to create an electronic copy. Advisor will also keep hard copy in the student’s advising file.
  4. Complete a Change of Major/Concentration Form indicating all majors and concentrations. The form is available here. Attach the description of the individualized study proposal from No. 2 and forward to advisor for email approval. Advisor should forward the form and description to the associate dean for final email approval. Associate dean will forward form and description to the Registrar’s office.
  5. If an alternate course selection is chosen after the initial course list has been approved (in No. 2 above), complete a substitution form for each new class in the individualized study concentration. The substitution form will allow the new course(s) selected to count toward the concentration. Here is an example of the information needed on the substitution form: in place of Gonzaga’s required business concentration course I will substitute BMIS 443 Tech for Web/Mobile-based Bus from GU because this course is part of my Individualized Study concentration in Project Management

Note that the concentration will be listed on the student’s transcript as “Individualized Study.” It will not list the name or topic of the concentration. Also, note that the other rules for concentrations apply to the individualized study concentration, including:

1. Only one course may be double-counted between two concentrations in all but the international business concentration, where no double counting is allowed.

2. A course taken to fulfill a concentration requirement may not be double-counted to satisfy a requirement in the Broadening, International, or Experiential area for the Business Administration major.


*This blog post is based on the 2019-2020 catalog. Future catalog may not have this provision.


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