Registering for an Internship

Considering an internship? An internship can count toward the three required experiential credits in a business concentration. An internship is an experience that allows a student to apply academic knowledge and skills – while learning new knowledge and skills – within a professional work environment.
Here are a few reminders about internships for credit and two options for registration.
1. To receive academic internship for an internship, a student must be of junior or senior standing (60 or more credits) and have a 3.0 cumulative GPA. There is an option for sophomores to receive credit for internships, but it is limited to one credit.
2. A student can receive up to three academic credits for an internship. For each credit, the student must work 60 hours. To receive three credits, the student must work 180 hours. (Again, sophomores can only earn one credit.)
3. Internship credit is not awarded retroactively. Students must receive approval for internship credits BEFORE internship hours are started. In other words, students cannot apply for credit for an internship that is already completed. All internships must receive prior approval to count toward academic credit.
4. Only three internship credits can count toward a student’s degree. A student can take as many zero-credit internships as desired, but only three credits can count toward the student’s degree.

Getting registered:

1. Download and complete the School of Business Administration Learning Agreement and Internship Registration form.  Note:  Read the requirements before signing.
2. Make an appointment with Vicki Hucke in Career and Professional Development by logging into ZagsIgnite and booking an appointment. Sudents are NOT registered until Vicki Hucke reviews and signs the forms.

Am I doing this for credit or a waiver of a requirement?

Option 1: Student registers for credits and pays tuition (in summer semester) or counts credits toward 18 credits (in fall and spring semesters). Number of credits is based on number of hours worked. Each credit requires 60 hours of work. Student completes all internship requirements as outlined above.
Option 2: Student registers for zero-credit internship and does not pay tuition or fees. Student completes all internship requirements as outlined above. This option allows for SBA experiential requirement to be waived but no credits are awarded. Each waived experiential credit requires 60 hours of work. To have experiential requirement fully waived requires 180 hours of work.

Students using either option must still meet all degree requirements and reach 128 credits to graduate. Option 2 is a common summer strategy for fulfilling the experiential requirement without paying summer tuition.

Requirements for completing the internship (assignments) are available in this blog.


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