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Journal Club

Journal Club is an opportunity for engaging with colleagues in a context of curiosity, uncertainty, and depth. Come explore interesting and unpredictable topics that stretch your horizons! It is a place for anyone in the Gonzaga community to explore ideas and research that interests them. Journal Club effectively invites our community to say, “This is what I am reading, this is what I am interested in, and/or this is what I am thinking.”

All Gonzaga students, faculty, and staff are welcome to attend. Attendees are invited to present a journal article, book chapter, or other scholarly work to colleagues, or just show up and participate in the dialogue. The transdisciplinary nature of this endeavor is meant to offer a rich context for surprise and delight. We explore key themes in leadership studies that focus on problems, questions, and/or speculations about:

  • Influence (e.g., metaphysical, physical/biological, socio-cultural)
  • Power (e.g., historical/traditional, normative, size/scale, role/reputation)
  • Purpose (e.g., meaning, intentions, teleology)

We believe that these themes are broad enough to encourage anyone from any field to participate in our conversation. Everyone who wants a chance to present will be able to do so. At the completion of presentations we engage in conversation and dialogue.

This experience is meant to be informal, enjoyable, and intellectually stimulating. Journal Club is also an opportunity to network with your colleagues from various schools, departments, and programs. Finally, Journal Club can be a platform for developing and improving teaching and presentation skills.

We have finished meeting in spring 2014, but will pick back up this summer. We will meet once a week during the six-week term. In addition, Journal Club will be hosting a day-long writing and grant seminar. Please check back here, online, or on Facebook for more info.

Things to Know About Presenting

Each person has up to 10 minutes to present.
Be prepared to share the following:

  1. What is the purpose of the reading and the apparent main focus of the article or book?
  2. What are the broad applications of the work to leadership studies or your primary discipline?
  3. Please describe the intended audience, describe the journal (if any), and include the reference of your literature.
  4. What is your response to the author?

Please bring 10 copies of your presentation/notes. Be prepared to email the presentation and/or notes, as well as a pdf copy of your journal article/book chapter (if appropriate), to the assistant so that the article will be uploaded to the Google Archives Drive.

You may use PowerPoint, but you do not have to. Presentations are generally informal, and discussion is dynamic.

Please email Chris Francovich (francovich@gonzaga.edu) if you would like to present. However, latecomers are welcome if we have time.

We are now putting all articles and presentation materials up on the web for public view. Go to our Google Drive folder to view past articles.

We are on Facebook: facebook.com/GUJournalClub
If you have questions, contact Chris Francovich: francovich@gonzaga.edu
We are online at: www.gonzaga.edu/journalclub

Journal Club is sponsored by the Doctoral Program in Leadership Studies.

All Are Welcome Here

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