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DPLS candidate Debbie Brown is spending the school year in Zambia where she will document and archive the cultural history of the Chewa people as part of her Fulbright grant. Debbie would like to invite the DPLS community to check out her website, which includes a blog, at http://www.allthingschewa.com

Great work Debbie!

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Congratulations Dr. Misner!

Here’s the site to go to for the article:




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DPLS Alumnus Dr. Matt Kincaid is writing a book!

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I’ve read the introduction to the book and it is stellar!  Here’s a message from alumnus Matt Kincaid, professor and leadership consultant, that may be of interest for those of you who want to write books (all of you, I hope).  :)   Also to all of you alumni and current students, let us know when articles are being published or books being published.  We love to sing your praises!  –Respectfully,  Shann
From Matt:
I’d like to share with fellow Gonzaga Alum a new book that my consulting partner, Doug Crandall, and I are writing. It’s due out in early December and we genuinely believe anybody studying and/or practicing leadership will dig it.  :)
The book is called, Say Anything: Lead So Your People Speak Fearlessly.
This link, https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/857840874/say-anything-the-book, will take you to our Kickstarter page where you’ll be able to view a short clip that introduces the book. You can also read the introduction to the book on our website, Blue Rudder Leadership Concepts (you’ll see a PDF icon).  
We’d love any support and certainly welcome feedback from doctoral program students, both past and present. 
Thanks so much!
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Dear DPLS Community,
For those in the area who may be interested, Dr. Ferch will be reading at Auntie’s Bookstore, Thursday, October 2nd at 7pm, from his debut book of poems Balefire, published by Lost Horse Press.  Live music will be on tap as well, as his wife Jennifer is an accomplished musician and her music will accompany the reading.
From Dr. Ferch:
I love the Gonzaga University community, students, graduates, faculty, colleagues, and friends.  Our community has been vital to the writing life for me and I am thankful for such a place of peace to encounter great people and great ideas.
In honor of local independent booksellers, here’s a short essay I wrote about Auntie’s Bookstore:
With appreciation,
Shann Ray Ferch, PhD, MFA
Professor, Leadership Studies
Doctoral Program in Leadership Studies
Gonzaga University
Editor, The International Journal of Servant-Leadership
“The lanterns are burning and the starry night is over all.”  -Van Gogh
Forgiveness and Power in the Age of Atrocity: Servant Leadership as a Way of Life
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On Saturday, September 20, doctoral candidate Beth Armstrong will be presenting her paper, “Second-Generation Gender Discrimination and the Stained Glass Ceiling,” at the Graduate Student Theological Seminar in Indianapolis, IN.  In it’s 51st year, the GSTS is a gathering of professors, scholars, and doctoral students from the Free Methodist and Wesleyan denominations. Beth has been honored to be one of only two students invited to present.  Congratulations Beth!

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We are excited to welcome our new professor, Dr. Kem Gambrell, to Journal Club! Kem has graciously agreed to be our faculty sponsor this fall. We are looking forward to getting to know her and hearing her ideas and interests as we dialogue together!

What is Journal Club?

Journal Club is an informal, enjoyable, and intellectually stimulating time for anyone in the Gonzaga community to explore ideas and research that interests them. It’s a community of students, faculty, and staff who gather together to say, “This is what I’m reading, this is what I’m interested in, and this is what I’m thinking.”

When We Meet:

4:00 – 5:30 Friday afternoons before DPLS classes, Tilford, Room 115

DATES:  Sept 12 & 19, Oct. 3, 10, & 24, Nov. 7 & 21, Dec. 5

What Are The Benefits?

Journal Club is an opportunity to get to know your fellow students and network with colleagues. It is an excellent platform for developing and improving teaching and presentation skills. It will also enhance your CV!

How Can I Participate?

It’s easy to be a part of Journal Club. You can either take 10 minutes to present a journal article, book chapter, or other scholarly work OR you can just show up and enjoy the dialogue! Either way, it’s a great time of networking and learning.

It’s Simple To Present!

  • Email Faith Gilbert at fgilbert@zagmail.gonzaga.edu to let her know you would like to present.
  • You will have up to 10 minutes to present.
  • During your presentation, be sure to briefly address the following:

1. What is the purpose or main focus of the reading?

2. What are the broad applications of the work to leadership studies or your primary discipline?

3. Describe the intended audience, the article, and include the reference of your literature.

4. What is your response to the author?

  • Please bring 10 copies of your presentation notes for the other participants
  • Email your presentation and a copy of your journal article or book chapter to Faith Gilbert fgilbert@zagmail.gonzaga.edu so that the article can be uploaded to the Google Archives Drive.
  • You may use PowerPoint, but you do not have to. Presentations are generally informal, and discussion is dynamic.

For more details, go to www.gonzaga.edu/journalclub

Journal Club is sponsored by the Doctoral Program in Leadership Studies.

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Dissertation Writing Tips

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Hello All,

I belong to a group, Text and Academic Authors Association, and now and again some great ideas and tips come across my email. Today I received an email with tips and suggestions on dissertation writing. I’ve copied and pasted the email below. Enjoy! JoAnn

10 Ways to Overcome Challenges to Writing Your Dissertation
August 20, 2014 By TAA

The top challenges participants of TAA’s August Dissertation Writing Boot Camp indicated that they were facing in completing their dissertation included time management, staying focused, writer’s block, holding themselves accountable to deadlines, and anxiety.

Boot Camp Leader and Dissertators United Chapter Chair Ashley Sanders, who is also working on completing her dissertation, said that one of the strategies she finds really helpful to overcome the anxiety she feels when working on her dissertation is to start the day by free writing in her journal.

“I mean, completely free writing,” she said. “Whatever comes to mind I pour out on the page for 10 to 15 minutes. It helps me work through any anxiety I’m facing or worries or fears by taking the time to write out things I’m grateful for in my life. That starts me out with a positive mindset to begin tackling what can be some very challenging tasks, because I’m much more focused on what’s going well, what I’m thankful for, and all the good things that are happening in my life.”

Here are some additional strategies participants learned during the boot camp that they found to be helpful in their writing process:

“Free writing really helped me with writing anxiety. I made a Word file and dumped ideas into it. When I color coded, the ideas and categories began to appear.”

“I really liked the 25-minute timer and 5-minute break. That got me started with my research questions.”

“Short bursts, check-ins, literature review resources, and the writing log.”

“Dedicating time to write. It is so easy for other priorities to get in the way.”

“I decided not to worry about logic and just write–quantity over quality–and it was really freeing. Using a timer was also great.”

“The accountability to a group definitely increased my focus.”

“Setting concrete, realistic goals. Even if you don’t meet them, you know what you need to work on the next time you sit down. Feeling like you are part of a community–suffering and celebrating in solidarity.”

“When you aren’t feeling confident about your writing, or anxiety about what you’re writing, look at a piece of writing in which you received kudos, a high grade, positive comments, etc. It will reenergize you that you really can do this, you have done it before, and you can do it again.”

“You don’t need to write chronologically. Start where you feel most comfortable–where you have the most data, where you feel writing inspiration–and work forward and backward. This might help you reach a place where you can work on the introduction or other sections that are blocking your progress.”

“Silence your phone and let loved ones, colleagues, co-workers, etc. know when you’ve blocked off time and that you would be happy to interact, talk, and take phone calls before/after, but not during, that time.”

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Paid Internships with ILA

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Hello All,

Recently I received an email from ILA that had information about paid internships. Information and contact person, email are located below.

Dear JoAnn,

Paid internships with the ILA are available throughout the year to graduate students, recent graduates, and undergraduates who have successfully completed at least one year of school. While internships begin and end on a rolling basis, a 4-month commitment of 16-30 hours a week of work (in the ILA office) is required; longer commitments are preferred.

While we are open to other internships, we are currently looking for a Research Intern to:
1. Conduct online research for a variety of projects, including: market research and analysis, the Leadership Education Program Directory, compiling resources about leadership and the ILA’s Leadership Legacy Honorees, and lead generation.
2.Support the ILA’s LinkedIn presence by approving postings, recruiting new members, and producing reports.
3.Work on other projects as assigned.

Our Top 10 Candidate Requirements
1. College student with focus on leadership, marketing, communications, business, or a related field
2. Strong work ethic, high bar for work quality, and commitment to results
3. Detail oriented with ability to consider the big-picture
4. Excellent communication skills in person, by phone, or over email
5. Experience using Microsoft Office, particularly Excel and Word for research and reports
6. Outstanding Internet research skills and social media savvy, particularly using LinkedIn
7. Positive attitude, high energy, initiative, and the ability to prioritize
8. Global mindset, intercultural competency, and an interest in current events
9. Commitment to ILA’s mission, vision, values and strategic goals
10. Interest in learning the inner workings of a growing non-profit, knowledge of academic/ practitioner associations, and the field of leadership is a plus

To Apply: Please email the following to ILA Director Ms. Shelly Wilsey at swilsey@ila-net.org
Cover Letter including: a) why you want to intern at the ILA; b) your relevant skills and experiences; c) your internship learning goals; d) your preferred schedule, and e) anything else that sets you apart. Resume including contact details, educational focus, work experience, and extracurricular activities. Two reference letters – One from a professor and one from a past employer, professor, or a character reference. Both letters should describe your qualifications, character, and commitment to excellence.

From Gonzaga’s doctoral program in leadership studies, we know that several of you are qualified for these internships. Please consider applying. Best of luck!!


Associate Professor & Chair,
Doctoral Program in Leadership Studies

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As Summer winds down …

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Dirty Run DPLS 7 19 2014 004

Hello All,

Soon I will be going on vacation for two weeks after my second summer session at Gonzaga. As usual it was jam-packed and ended so quickly. Our new students were nicely folded into the DPLS family by you summer veterans. Several told me they really appreciated how you welcomed them into the doctoral program and showed them the ropes. Several of you veterans also told me that this is probably your last physical time at Gonzaga, that you are on to data collecting and/or dissertation writing. We all wish you the best of luck as you continue to pursue your goal of getting your PhD. We know that you will stay in touch with your Dissertation Chair, but from time to time drop the rest of us an email, blog, or whatever.

This summer we shared pain (yes, some are still trying to get through Quant), community (we had an Akwaaba dinner and a Root Beer Float study break), and laughter (classes are not all stress and turmoil). The picture that best captures the summer for me is the photo above with (L-R) Sandy Molendyk, Norman Coulter, and Julene Tegerstrand, all three new to the program. They have similar and different interests; they are from and have traveled around the world; and they have a sense of adventure, evidenced by their participation in Spokane’s Dirty Run. Oh, yeah, they got down and dirty in the mud at Riverside State Park on July 19. I was witness. I saw the mud, I felt their dirt, I hosed them down before we drove home, and I saw three new doctoral students bond as they supported each other and finished together at the end of the Run. What a wonderful experience in the middle of an intense summer. Our goal next year is to each bring one more: that would be 3 more runners and one more cheer squad member. So pack an extra pair of old, really old running shoes and plan on running the Dirty Run with the 4 plus 4 (or more) next Summer 2015.

Thank you all for a great 2013-2014 and the wonderful beginning to a 2014-2015. Please take some summer time for yourselves either alone or with friends or family before you are in earnest back at your jobs and/or research and/or the bunches of other stuff we all do.

JoAnn Barbour,
Assoc. Professor and Chair, DPLS

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Dear DPLS community,

Many of you know recent DPLS graduate Maduabuchi Muoneme, better known to us as Father Buchi. Fr. Buchi is back in his home country of Nigeria where he has resumed his duties as a Jesuit priest. I wrote to him recently in the wake of the 100th day of captivity of schoolgirls who were taken by the terrorist group Boko Haram. I bring this to your attention so that as a community we can uphold our colleague in our own faith practices. This is part of his email to me.  –Debbie Brown

“I just celebrated Mass and prayed for the safety and freedom our missing girls. The hostage situation of the girls for 100 days is deplorable, not to mention the killings of many civilians by the BH (Boko Haram) sect. Many Nigerian women (Christians and Muslims and different ethnic groups) have united their hearts and minds and come together during protests and common prayer for the freedom of these girls. The destiny of the Nigerian state is tied to the destiny of the missing girls.”  -Buchi Muoneme, S.J.

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