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Congratulations Dr. Jaz!

Posted by: francovich | March 8, 2015 | No Comment |

Congratulations to Dr. Fugen Tulgar (Jaz) on the completion of her dissertation and her PhD! Jaz had her sign off meeting with the committee on February 26th. Jaz’s dissertation is titled: Unraveling female leadership: Foucauldian threads and explored how a group of senior women leaders produce and reproduce discourse and power in their workplace. The epistemological framework of the study was based on poststructuralist feminist theory utilizing¬† Foucauldian discourse analysis as a method. The findings indicated that everyday power and knowledge dynamics impact female leaders in constructing their identity, their communication styles and their leadership at the workplace. The findings also indicate that Foucauldian discourse analysis has practical applications for uncovering subjugated knowledges. This work is relevant not only to women, but also to other diverse/sub-dominant groups that find themselves in social, cultural and/or historical situations where hegemony and everyday power/knowledge structurally interact to subjugate their identities and their diversity.

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