Offering Windows Operating System to Mac Users

Below are two ways in which users with Mac can access Windows-based applications:

1. Virtual Box (free program to download)

On Macintosh operating system, we install Virtual Box. Doing so installs a virtual machine inside the Macintosh. Windows can then be installed on the Macintosh.

Virtual Box solution is completely free to our students.

Drawbacks: High RAM and hard-disk usage as Mac runs both Mac OS and Windows OS at the
same time.

Setup instructions: The SBA IT group has created a tutorial for installing Windows on the Virtual
Box system. It can be accessed here.

2. VPN Web Portal using FortiClient

For our students, we have an ingenious type of VPN where the VPN user connects to a single
computer (typically a lab computer) on campus. Simply log into a website and build a shortcut.
Then put in the address for a single computer in the lab. This way, a lab computer can be
assigned to a few students and allows them to use that lab computer as if they were sitting in
front of it, using that machine physically.

Drawbacks: Only one user may log in and use the remote desktop at one time.

Setup instructions: In order for someone to take advantage of the VPN option, there is a
specific setup required for each user. Each user is setup individually and will be provided with
instructions for their part. Interested individuals should contact Robert Joyce or Jared

For help with installation, contact Robert Joyce (Email:; Room: Jepson 07-
B) or Jared Wiltshire (Email:; Room: Jepson 07-A)

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